EXCLUSIVE: Your first look at the 2015 Bailey Approach Advance motorhome range

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  1. Alwyn Wright says:

    A gas fire is important to me as I am often without electric hook up. Bailey are not on their own in not providing one. The reason being, I assume is cost but surely the needs of the user is paramount.

  2. Roger says:

    Only Bailey would put leather or plastic on seats that convert to beds. Do they not know that both materials are very uncomfortable ot sleep on.

  3. David Smith says:

    I have seen a new model of the Bailey Advance(the one with the transverse island bed) and was shocked to see the shower cubicle with a CURTAIN, how retrograde is that. I have an Approach and will not be buying a new Bailey until they sort out the shower cubicle!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi David
      Thanks for your comment. Regarding the shower cubicle – it’s probably just one way Bailey have kept prices so low for this model. The Advance has certainly been pitched as an entry level model below the other existing and previous Approach models. The sub £40,000 starting prices may be key to some buyers.

  4. colin lister says:

    We purchased a 2014 Bailey 740 this year and have went to France in September for 6 weeks and enjoyed the change from the previously owned caravan, however we found that the fresh water fill system is next to useless because you have to rely on the whale hose attachment provided which is attached to a cold water tap in order to fill the tank and enough pressure has to be available at the tap to allow it’s usage. Normally motorhomes have a filler which you can fill using a watering can or similar container. What we had to do because to top-up our tank was to go inside the motorhome a lift the carpet to gain access to the tank hatch and tip water into the tank with a can. Most of the taps on the sites we stayed in have a slow push type low pressure tap without a screw thread required for the connection hose provided and the pressure would be to low to operate the whale fill pump. I have been in contact with Bailey and explained the problem suggesting they provide with every Motorhome a separate whale pump which could be placed into a container outside the unit (as you would do in a caravan and aquarol) to enable a fill without having to lift carpets ect. When we bought the motorhome we did not expect to have to use an aquarol type fill to top up, defeats the object of having a motorhome. Has anyone else had this problem and have they reported it to bailey?

    • Bob Frost says:

      Having bought a motorhome with the Whale system and found the same problem of filling from a standpipe I have to use a separate container and pump only to be told recently I could have specified non Whale system and filled up using a watering can as I have done in the past.

  5. Alan Russell says:

    Good value, but as said, they are within the ” entry level” range and even in the photos this shows ( shower curtain for example). More important is the difference between these and the European models as far as styling is concerned. British makes are well made, but do need to look abroad for design and styling. I would much prefer to buy British, but have now ordered my third motorhome, unfortunately from our European friends!

    • A Evans says:

      Usual Bailey caravan style and certainly looks entry level. Seat trim colour and material dreadful, where do they get their designers from? Bailey seem to be popular with the so called magazine experts but I find them bland and pretty boring having looked at several. Not a Bailey fan.

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