Bailey Unicorn III caravans now with Tyre Pressure sensors built in

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  1. m cosgrave says:

    i have just purchased a new FORD KUGA 2015 model, tyre sensors are fitted as standard, Q. can i also fit sensors to caravan & will there work ok on FORD KUGA?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi M Cosgrove,

      I referred your question to Richard Moorse, Head of Technical at Wheel Solutions Ltd. Richard advises:

      “The TPMS system on the Ford Kuga uses internal sensors that measure the pressure of the wheels and tyres only. Their system does not monitor the temperature of the tyres, unlike the TyrePal system which does both pressure and temperature. But the TyrePal system would not be compatible with the Fords’ internal sensor system.

      Having said this, if the customer wished to do so, they could use the TyrePal external sensors on the caravan and also the tow car – which would allow them to monitor both tyre pressure and temperature of all road wheels. As I’m not sure whether your caravan is a single or twin axle configuration, we would recommend the TC215B monitor with the appropriate number of sensors to cover the road wheels. You might be interested to know that one can use an external sensor on the caravan spare wheel too – which makes checking its’ tyre pressure so much easier than crawling underneath the caravan!”

      I hope this helps.
      Let me know if you need anything else.


  2. Gary Morris says:

    Great idea that you can connect the kit to your car as well as the caravan. I think these should be fitted to all new vehicles including motorhomess th

  3. Andy Culley says:

    How about getting Tyrepal to offer a discounted deal to subscribers??

  4. Paul Murray says:

    great idea for reducing serious incidents, should be fitted to all new vans.

    • Garth Williams says:

      I’ve fitted the aftermarket Tyrepal system to my car and caravan, and also our second car. They’re dead easy to fit. This was because a friend recently had a flat tyre on his caravan on the motorway and was not aware that the tyre was flat until another motorist flagged him down. This also happened to me some years ago. It is worrying however that the caravan tyre pressure rises by about 10 psi when on the move! A secondary benefit is that you don’t need to check the tyre pressures so often!

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