Bentley Ochre Motorhome Reviewed

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  1. Tony says:

    We have looked for a motorhome for 18 months and seen 100`s of models and from what we can see this is the first one that meets all our criteria as a couple who want a compact quality product. We bought one from a dealer in Nottingham with delivery next week. Go see one and you will be impressed length is 6.2 meter width 2,07 payload nearly 500GK..

  2. Heather says:

    Caravan Guard comment: The fact file has now been updated with the information provided on the Bentley website. All dimensions, weights and the price have been edited above. Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused.

  3. Peter Tatlock says:

    No worktop, no good to me. I metre too long. £20000 overpriced. So I guess it’ll sell well then- to those first timers who have never lived in one.

  4. C. Wildsmith says:

    Where can we see one?
    Agree with the above comments!

  5. graham snowden says:

    how does £45 jump to starting at £49.294. 7.3 mt is way over 6 mt and 240 kilo is way to low a payload

  6. john says:

    how does a price of from 49k match with the article price of “nearly 45k”?

  7. june williams says:

    Sounds great but do they do it in 4 berth version?

  8. Chestnut says:

    How is 7.37m a ‘little’ over the magic 6m?

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