Best online caravanning communities

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  1. Phill (Caravanning4u) super moderator says:

    Thank you for running this , it has learnt all of us that there is other forum’s out there and we all do our best to help each other and it’s small thing’s like this that help make it worth while it has been a pleasure to participate in

  2. Doug Cartwright says:

    Although Swift Talk appears to have got the top place I am disappointed than only around 1 in 5 of the Swift Talk forum voted.

  3. Susan and Dave says:

    Swift Talk by fare the superior forum and get help and advice 24/7 from other members and swift group. We don’ know any other that does this.

  4. Heather says:

    Hi all,

    As the poll draws to a close, I’d like to say thank you to everyone for taking part and leaving comments. The poll was just a bit of fun and we hope that the forums mentioned have seen an increase in visitors and forum participation over the last month.

    The winner will be annouced tomorrow and an awards logo will be distributed to the forums that wish to display one.

    Just to reassure you – your details submitted as part of the comment process have not been stored and will not be used in future marketing communications.


  5. Gilly says:

    So Caravanning 4U are emailing as many as they can to lobby for votes…shows how desperate they are to win…to win at any cost will always cost you any win!

  6. Parksy says:

    Thanks to the five people who have taken the trouble to cast a vote for Practical Caravan forum and also to those who have mentioned Practical Caravan in their comments.
    I’d like to point out that advertising and promotions are not allowed to appear in posts on Practical Caravan forum without written permission from Haymarket Consumer Media and that the forum has played and will play no part in this Caravan Guard poll.

    This poll has not and will not be promoted on Practical Caravan forum in any way.
    Practical Caravan forum is the online voice of Practical Caravan magazine, the UK’s leading caravan publication.
    The forum has been active for at least the past six years and it has recently been relaunched with a newer format.
    The membership numbers for Practical Caravan forum are very healthy thanks,( 89 in the past 7 days) and we receive sufficient promotion in the magazine which owns and runs the forum.

    Best wishes to all internet forum members whoever they decide to vote for and whichever caravan forum that they prefer and good luck to those actively participating in this poll, all forums try to drive up standards in the caravan and leisure industry and set out to help and inform fellow caravanners so the more the better.

  7. bernadette says:

    Swift Talk for me, loads of helpful advice and eveyone willing to help

  8. billy liar says:

    I see caravan4u have got more votes on here,than there own chat gets hits?

  9. Gerry says:

    Its got to be Swifttalk – fast answers to queries, especially from Swift employees and component suppliers.

  10. Graham says:

    C4u is a friendly site, but there’s too much other stuff on it. They may have won by being reasonably honest, but the tactics they’re using make any result pointless.

  11. Meogeo says:

    My vote goes to Caravanning 4 U lots of information and the responce to a question is fast, what a superb bunch of people on there.

  12. Muttley says:

    Caravanning 4 U got my vote. Great site, friendly members, lots of useful info too.

  13. Bigh says:

    It’s gotta be Swift Talk for me. A right good community.

  14. Maurice says:

    OK how do you vote?? came on line and could find NO way to vote for T&T — my son could not vote from his home either??

    Is this some sort of set up .. at least two votes would have gone to T&T..

    Mary and Chris

  15. Swiftlady says:

    as i am unable to vote,
    i would like to place carry on camping to the toplist… covering all forms of camping, from tenting to caravanning, and everything in between…. the friendliest bunch ive known.

  16. Matt says:

    Caravanning4u the one and only caravanning forum on the internet for me founded and created by the kindest of people. C4u will continue to be a friendly forum for all.

    May the best forum win.

  17. Bob Taylor says:

    The number of registered members on a site is no real indication of it’s utility !

    The number of regular posters and viewers (Some people ‘lurk’ but never post) is far more significant.

    I wonder what the figures would show for the top two websites …

    I hope that this years Census has more rigorous controls in place than this ‘poll’ !

  18. Jenny Hall says:

    Swift Talk would get my vote to, always there to help.

  19. Jeanniev says:

    Motivating is one thing – out and out coersion mmmmmm not sure about that one – bit below the belt dont you think ?

  20. bill carter says:

    caravanning 4 u is number 1 for me .great people always willing to help.

  21. Doug Cartwright says:

    Swift Talk as previously stated has 2783 members and so far only around 5% have voted.
    If 40% vote in the that will take it over 1000.

  22. Bob Taylor says:

    Interesting how the top two have comments on their forums referring to multiple voting …

  23. Heather says:

    Hi Paol – Carry on Camping has been added to the list. Happy voting!

  24. Paol hart says:

    So, whats wrong with carryoncamping. smf ??
    How come you missed the best camping forum there ever was??
    Go to Google and check it out. you have missed several others too, making this poll somewhat biased!

  25. Gordon Ash says:

    Just to keep perspective and without intending to sound cynical this is just to help Caravan Guard decide where to invest its advertising

    And whether you call it cheating or not, the site that is able to motivate its people to vote clearly demonstrates its footprint

    May the best team win!

  26. Graham says:

    As a member of a number of forums I probably can’t pick much between them but when Caravanning4u are actively promoting cheating it will turn the poll into a total farce.
    ie Done and put it on my bike forum and asked the boys & Girls there to vote…and-vote#14834
    Got 11 people up to now to vote from my bike forum…and-vote#14856 sure there will be more
    Another 8 from my bike forum…avour-and-vote

    There are only three of us in my house but we all have a desk top and note book each

    Keep voting all I have put it on my facebook and twitter

    Disconnect from the internet (turn power off to modem or router) wait a few minutes and then reconnect. Most of us have dynamic IP’s so now you should have a new one.

    I mailed my friends with the link. I don’t consider it cheating – most of them feel like members already, I quote you lot so much!

    Yes there will be a bit of cheating, but the way the mods are conducting it makes a mockery of the result.

    They ought to be disqualified

    Here’s the link to their thread

  27. Mick Robertson says:

    swift talk closely followed by practical caravan

  28. Gill says:

    Why can’t I vote? There’s no ‘vote’ button on this page!

  29. Mike Clough says:

    Swift Talk has been a great help to me as I can share problems with other caravanners and get direct help from Swift who monitor the site all the time.

  30. Jbeans says:

    I hope that this “survey” will be conducted in a proper manner.

  31. Dave says:

    I see that people on the Caravanning 4 U forum are getting their friends to vote for them. They are even boasting on the Forum how many extra votes they are getting. For example their member davehutch boasts about 8 from his friends. Not in the spirit of things I thik

  32. Gordon Ash says:

    SwiftTalk is for me Number 1. As someone relatively new to ownership the help and advice I have received and continue to receive has been invaluable. I really dont know what I would do without it. The most incredible thing is that Swift engineers monitor and dive into help you directly, I have been saved numerous trips to dealerships and cost thanks to this brilliant site.

  33. Clare says:! Only one we have ever felt welcome on.

  34. Paul says:

    Caravaning4u for me!, made some great friends & always great advice

  35. Steve Robson says:

    Swift talk best forum 24hr advice.

  36. martin marland says:

    my vote is for the dandy forum excellent knowledge excellent people

  37. John says:

    Dandy forum gets my vote, friendly and full of information with lots of opportunity to meet up too.

  38. Lesley Carter says:

    Caravanning4U – simply the best! Friendly and fun but full of facts:)

  39. JO says:

    My favourite campsite but it won’t let me vote!!!

  40. kevan hildred says:

    Best site Swift Talk then Practical Caravan

  41. Eric Jones says:

    Best site Swift Talk followed by Practical Caravan

  42. Nick Chapman says:

    My Favourite Campsite. Great people with great knowledge. organise some great get togethers. Always have the answer to your questions and do not judge.

  43. Lu McCabe says:

    what about
    It’s got a great forum with loads of photos and places to comment on what’s going on with caravanning.

  44. Chris Sklavounos says: – for sure!

    The best place for advice, help and meeting people of similar age and mindset

  45. Dave H says:

    Swift Talk is by far the best, partuiculay for Swift owners, and should be on the list

  46. tracey says:

    i voted MFC My Favourite Campsite made welcome on meets, bargin prices on meets, famous for the Jacobs Join on a saturday night time to get to know everyone… good food good laugh and company.

  47. Paul McCormick says:

    Dandy forum gets my vote. Lots of friendly members information on campsites and technical information given freely

  48. Doug Cartwright says:

    Swift Talk has currently 2738 members.

  49. Heather says:

    Hi all, I have added Swift Talk, myfavouritecampsite, and the Dandy Forum.

  50. Doug Cartwright says:

    What about “Swift Talk” which is the only sight you can dicuss any problem direct with the manufacturer and they are aired openly and answers can be seen by other owners.

  51. welshrover says:

    with over 200 members the dandy forum should have been in your selection i can assure you our forum is not a twopence halfpenny effort,your effort is much to be desired sorry to say

  52. Ralph says:

    Best forum without a doubt is Swift-talk! Why have you missed it off?

  53. David says:

    Swift Talk is my favourite forum, but it is not listed to vote for

  54. Helen Finneran says:

    Dandy forum, its not on the list to vote for.

  55. Helen Finneran says:

    My favourite is the Dandy forum, unfortunatley its not on your list so I cant vote.

  56. Pat Wright says:

    My favorite is not on you list.
    The Dndy Forum

  57. Kim Bailey says:

    I would like you to list My Favourite Campsite, they are a great friendly site, really helpful and get my vote any day of the week, They are open to everyone and everyone gets treated as a friend, they are quite simply the best. Please add them so we can vote fairly.

  58. mike wilkinson says:

    Hi there my favourite forum is not on your list,its been running under two years but is growing nicely,niche market if you like but its only for Dandy campers


  59. TonyG says:

    Why is Swift Talk not listed, is it because they don’t allow advertising

  60. Kate Batty says:
    Great forum for like minded caravanner’s aged up to 40(ish).
    We have couples and families, from beginners to the more experienced and have even got a family who took their caravan in honeymoon straight from their wedding to honeymoon in Portugal!

  61. Liam says:

    MFC(my favourite

  62. Chris Rogers says:

    Best online caravanning communities.
    You seem to have omitted SWIFT TALK in you list, is this a mistake
    I would like to vote for SWIFT TALK.

  63. Matt says:

    You missed which would get my vote!

  64. Colin Heath says:

    my favourite

  65. Jim Robinson says:

    I would like to add my vote for I’ve been a member for 2 years now and have found it to be very friendly, informative and real good fun. The members are not pretentious and are made up from all ages and back grounds. Why are they not on your list to choose from?

  66. Tony Staindring says:

    I Can’t vote for my favourite forum because it’s simply not listed, which in my opinion makes this poll biased and pointless. I’ve been a member of “My Favourite Campsite” for 5 1/2 years, why is it not on your list?

  67. Bob Taylor says:

    The answer’s Touring and Tenting – fast response to queries, great rallies and really friendly people !

    They also have a good laugh too

  68. Sue says:

    Cant vote for any of the above as my favourite is the same as Andy’s
    My Favourite Campsite … and yes I am a member of 3 of the others but still prefer MFC

  69. Tephi says:

    Where is ‘SWIFT TALK’ ???

  70. Angie Dallison says:

    My favourite campsite. It is friendly and helpful.

  71. trindyyoung says:

    i use 365 and t&t 365 is the bet out of them because on t&t if you are not in the “click” you are an out cast and they dont really interact with you. on 365 you are made to feel apart of the community and not an outsider and the meets are good fun

  72. Tina Talbot says:

  73. Iain bell says:

    i voted for touring and tenting
    simply due to the fact Ive made some great friend over the years
    when Ive needed advice its been there
    the rallies are great
    just a nice place to be !

  74. Sue Curtis says:

    The most friendly and helpful forum available at the present time.

  75. Claire says:

    I have to agree with Andy. I am a member of them all and have been for some years, but the guys on are a great bunch of people.
    Have you ever tried getting a bit of camping kit from one end of the UK to the other with out it costing a fortune, well I have and they helped me do it free of charge!!
    That’s what you call community sprit.

  76. Kainene says:

    You’ve missed off My Favourite Campsite, as Andy says.

  77. Dorothy Rowland says:

    365CampingCaravanning is the friedliest forum on the net. Whether you are new to camping or an experienced camper, your views will be welcomed and, if necessary, advice will be offered by another member.

  78. Andy Ingham says:

    my favourite campsite

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