Bilbo’s Komba LWB motorhome reviewed

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  1. They obviously don't own a Bilbo haha!! says:

    If you can’t afford a Bilbo do not buy one…. simple as.
    If you can BUY one because it will be the best move you ever made.

    Me and my wife had two autosleepers untill we discovered the Bilbo and we have never looked back… we are now on our 2nd!

    Build quality and thought behind layout is spot on. If any minor issues ever came up the guys at Bilbo’s were great, one of the perks of a small family business i guess… With the auto sleeper there was often bits going wrong and the panels inside just seem to take up valuable space and felt plasticy. The general quality on our Bilbo’s feels so much sturdier and well built.

    Why buy a pair of plimsols, if you can afford an actual pair of running shoes!! You won’t ever regret spending a little extra for a lot more quality!

  2. Ian Clewes says:

    £52K is a very high price to pay for a poorly insulated summer only camper! Fitted units poor quality – especially look in back of cupboards etc. Can only be considered as a rich boy’s toy! Much better value from many Fiat/Peugeot base convertors; indeed with much better dashboard/driving controls than the very cheap looking latest VW offering.
    (Note: Have owned both VW and Fiat based units over last 30 years and Fiat have proved more reliable and much cheaper to repair than VW.)

  3. Brian Beck says:

    Even with all the accessories on the test vehicle, it just does not compare to my Auto Sleeper Topaz which has the added bonus of an excellent toilet/shower facility. the only advantage with the Bilbo Komba is that it has more storage room, something I have compensated for by fitting a large storage box onto the bike rack.

  4. Richard Germain says:

    Looks good, but I have a Autosleeper Topaz and boy the toilet and wash room are really great, even on days out. Having had similar van in past, VW T4 just like the Komba, I would advise buyers to think hard about the extra space against the Topaz with really wide bed size / bathroom and excellent fittings.

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