2012 Chausson Flash 10 Motorhome review

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  1. doug Douglas says:

    Hi, wants the headroom, under the electric bed..? Cheers

  2. Stan says:

    We’ve just picked up aflash 10 bed is amazing and going back to have grill changed for microwave oven combi got 35 mpg on motorway it’s a great van it’s like a TARDIS

  3. Mike Bush says:

    Geri & Martyn
    Same question as Alan Preston.
    Could you please tell me where & how you fitted the cooker, I assume it is electric ?.
    The Chausson Flash 10 seems the perfect Van for me but I do want a cooker.

  4. Alan Preston says:

    Hi Geri and Martyn. We are seriously considering buying the Chausson Flash 10.
    Could you tell me where in the van you fitted the oven.
    As this could be the final stumbling block surmounted.

  5. Geri and Martyn Burton says:

    Hi, we have just returned from a 3week trip through France in our flash 10 purchased in April. It was fantastic the motor home was perfect for our needs, no problem cooking as we have had an oven fitted. The shower and bathroom facilities are exceptional. Bed great. No downsides.

  6. Michael Price says:

    We are ex caravaners who eventually got fed up with towing and carrying all the parifinalia for water and waste. As per the caravan we couldn’t agree on the layout as my partner didn’t want to loose her wash room ( we do use the shower and cannot understand why people wander to the showers in all weathers when they have these facilities in-situ).
    In the end she won and this April we bought a Flash 10 the end washroom won the day!
    Downside is lack of grill cooker this only has a Grill but we manage, the lounge space and large fridge makes up for this.
    Cooking area adequate, and with the right utensils you are able to cook a roast dinner if you really need this.
    Its magic so we call it the Magic Bus. Off to France for half term and for a month in July!
    Safe travels to you all!

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Michael
      Thanks for sharing your experience of the Chausson Flash 10. It’s great to hear from someone who has no doubt spent many days and nights in the motorhome. Sounds like you are pretty happy with it overall.

  7. IggyCamperMan says:

    Drop down bed good unless leisure battery fails!. Bathroom much too big at expense of a tiny kitchen (smaller than a VW camper.) Tall outside cupboard not much use. LHS overhead locker door scrapes on bathroom wall! (same on 3 different examples – a design ‘feature’ perhaps.) Cheap lamination on kitchen units very poor.A great shame as more thought in the design could have mad this good value sub 6m camper much better. After 2 years research of sub 6m vans with drop down beds have gone for the Adria Matrix Exess – only slight downside of short wheelbase is more than matched by the excellent turning circle! P.s. After 30 years campervan experience:- We have never used an on-board shower and only once used the oven – so not wanted by us before you ask!

  8. Captain Dreadnought says:

    It’s brilliant! Just what we needed – a comfortable bed without messing around with cushions, a shower that’s actually usable and a kitchen that will produce the hot meals we need – with plenty of space for the Cobb barbeque. And a 700kg payload! Plus some space for our teenager. So we bought one. The Flash 10, I mean. The teenager was free.

  9. anon says:

    Looks good.
    Another 6 inches of worktop between the sink and hob would be handy. Might be able to take 6 inches off that “almost double shower” enclosure to get the bigger worktop by rotating the shower enclosure 90 degrees?

  10. Irene Mitton says:

    Love the larger models but totally pointless to have 6 berth van with only lap belts for children !!! Is this going to be rectified in near future?

  11. Reg Marsh says:

    Good article but the relevant weights are not given.

  12. A croft says:

    i have been looking for a layout like this for a long time does not make any sense to have a double bed taking up space in a van when you are not useing it but at the same time who wants to make up a bed every night this is a good lay out but i would have had the kitchen at rear with a corner bathroom and side wardrobe maybe next update?

  13. Alan Reeve says:

    This looked a great model until I saw the kitchen. It is minute and looks to be totally impractical for anything other than a quick snack. We are used to cooking three course meals in our small motorhome – the Chausson would not suit us at all.

  14. Nigel says:

    Any idea whether an oven can be fitted?

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