How often do you check your caravan’s noseweight?

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  1. Michael Charlton says:

    Hi fellow caravaners. Nose weight and it’s continuing problem. With the design of new vans of today ( except the new 2015 baileys ) most, if not all necessary equipment is fitted in or near the front way ahead of the centre of gravity, ie the axle. Having helped to build glider trailers over the years, I quickly discovered that on nose heavy units the problem could be eliminated by simply moving the axle forward, only a inch or so made all the difference. I apprecate on existing caravan chassis this method may not be easy, however caravan manufacturers plus al-ko must be aware of the problem, but seem to simply ignore it, thus making units nose heavy and in some cases dangerous to tow. Bailey seem to have solved the problem on their 2015 range by transferring gas bottles, battery, fridge ect to above the axle, this could solve the problem. However one could say that the loss of the front locker box may be a miss.

  2. David Ibbott says:

    Because noseweight is critical to safety and stability I binned the bathroom scales and treated myself to a decent guage which makes it so easy to check every time. I also bought a torque wrench and check nuts every journey having lost a wheel a few years ago. Well worth the expense. Be safe

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch David. It sounds like you’ve thought of everything!

  3. Robert McVay says:

    Can you get the nose waite wheel that you advertise/?

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Robert,

      AL-KO manufacture a premium jockey wheel with integrated wheel load display – see here for more information.

      Many thanks


  4. David Oldroyd says:

    Yes fo noseweight checks whenever changing/modifying load in van or getting new van or car etc, etc.

  5. Mike Lumb says:

    My Bailey Unicorn 2 had a nose weight way over 100 kg. Have to be very careful what I put in the front lockers and remove the nose leg to get it under 100kg. Notice 2015 don’t have those front lockers and they appear to have moved the battery further back

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Mike – it’s always worth checking noseweight before you travel because if it’s over the recommended weight you at least have time to reduce it.


  6. Malcolm John Prophett says:

    Every time i move my caravan for the road.

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