2014 Coachman Vision 560/4 caravan review

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  1. Richard perrins says:

    we still have our vision we’ve not changed it because it’s still in fine condition.although caravans now are a ridiculous price so it’s eight years old now .and we still love it .

  2. Derek Barnes says:

    I purchased a 560/4 vision in January 2015. I have been nothing short of delighted with the van in every respect. We have previously owned a Bailey Pageant Burgundy and more recently a Swift 555 charisma and find the build quality of the Coachman far superior and the specification of the Vision is excellent for what is described as an entry level van. This van does exactly what it says on the tin and has had no faults since day one. I would recommend this van to anyone looking for a quality van.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for sharing with us Derek. We hope you enjoy many years of Caravanning in your Coachman.

  3. richard perrins says:

    recently found out that coachman have stopped putting sharp microwave in vans .they now use Daewoo. that’s fine but some customers like me are left with these unreliable sharp one s we are on our second one .now I asked early last year why they not use dawoo

  4. richard perrins says:

    can’t wait for caravan show Oct .not buying .just love to look at New designs .

    • Liz Harrison says:

      Thanks Richard – we’re looking forward to it too. If you have time why not drop by and see us on stand 19-01.

      • richard perrins says:

        yes Liz that will be nice thanks .Will Lucie & Craig be there .your all nice people .

  5. richard perrins says:

    I watched a vidio of coachman caravan production on my laptop & the guy at coachman .said that every caravan is checked for faults .before they leave the factory .if that’s the case .why do we find so many faults .after all they should know what’s acceptable .you would think .but don’t get me wrong .they are far better vans than the caravans bailey turn out

  6. Darren taylor says:

    We have just bought the coachman vision 560 what a top caravan this is all mod cons and looks the part. So don’t no why folk are pulling this.

    • richard perrins says:

      we have a 2014 vision 560/4 cracking van now that all the problems have been sorted .on second charger now. we love the build quality of this model and it is well built . it’s just disappointing when you first pick it up new .& you find things not right .it should not happen realy. other than that love it

      • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

        Thanks for the comment Richard. Glad all the faults have been resolved and that you are loving your Coachman Vision.

    • richard perrins says:

      we fell in love with it as soon as we clapped eyes on it at 2014 show .I don’t think the new 2016 model is as nice

  7. Judith Yeates says:

    We have a 2012 Platinum Pastiche. I don’t like the new design. I think Coachman have gone backwards with the design of the front window.

  8. TOMMY MEARS says:

    my caravan has got to have a rear window to see whos on my bumper.and have as little obstacles [skylights etc]on the roof .less leaks ??I bought mine new in 1999 bailey impereal .[ALMOST PERFECT]TOMMY/BARBARA

  9. chris says:

    read your article last week which put me off as you say it is an entry level caravan. i looked at the van this week at the show and also disagree. this van is far from entry level it comes with most of the equipment that the more expensive vans do and the raymond james olympia version that we looked at has the atc and other extras loo for the same price.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Chris, it’s great to hear you’ve seen the Coachman Vision first-hand and that you were impressed with it! Are you considering buying one?
      Caravan Guard

  10. Wild says:

    That’s one Fabulous Caravan

  11. Jim says:

    We wouldn’t say the new Vision is a starter van, far from it. We had a new 2013 Bailey Unicorn 2 Valencia for 6 months, what a load of rubbish, got a refund in the end.
    The Vision is well built, loads of std kit and value for money. The Vision is between the Pageant and the Unicorn.

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