Do you have a special name for your caravan?

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  1. Sue Delfour says:

    Keef – I love telling people that I’m going away with Keef for the weekend!!

  2. Phil says:

    Our motorhome is called The Duchess coz Downton Abbey was on the box whilst we were considering it and her reg starts with DK! I wanted Duke but was overuled by er indoors!

  3. Doug & Sara says:

    We call our little Compass Corona “The Burrow”.

  4. Robin Keenlyside says:

    Our Avondale avocet is named Libby. Obvious reference to liberator from Blakes 7. It liberates us from our every day hum drum lifestyle.

  5. Mike Potter says:

    Our 2015 Lunar Sussex Loxwood is called AUGUSTINA, because we brought her in August, and she’s a dream to tow and brings sunshine into our lives every time we use her,( well August is normally a sunny month).

  6. heather harding says:

    Our brand new ace courier is called Anna

  7. JACQUI says:

    Our Beautiful Eldiss Whirlwind has TR on the side, which we do not know what it stands for so we called her TIARA!

  8. Mary says:

    We are just about to get delivery of our brand new Bailey Advance motorhome and I can’t think of a name for her……..we have an old Symbol Autosleeper and we still haven’t named her although she is going soon…:(

  9. Michelle says:

    Our bailey pageant was called Caroline was called this after a mix up of words by my hudband who said caroline instead of caravan! Weve just got a Venus and have yet to name her, any suggestions?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Michelle; here’s a few suggestions from our team…Venetia, Veronica, love shack (Venus is the god of love!), fly trap! Let us know what you end up calling it…

  10. Bobbie Taylor says:

    We love going to France in our white T5 VW campervan and sitting out enjoying glass of wine with a meal when there, so decided ‘Van blanc’ would be a good play on words for a name.

  11. Linda says:

    Our Bailey Cartagena is Big Bertha

  12. Albi Richardson says:

    Have had two caravans so far, one called “RUBY” due to the colour of the Bailey signage and the latest one called “ROSIE” due to our love of beautiful flowers.

  13. Neil says:

    My 2010 swift challenger is called Taylor . After Taylor swift

  14. Rich says:

    The Wobbly Box

  15. Rita.Birks says:

    My Little Fiat Ducato is called AUNT SALLY X LOVE HER TO BITS

  16. Diamond Lill says:

    Our Abbey is called Vanessa!

  17. Susan Jutsum says:

    Our Lunar Cosmos is called Wendy as I never had a Wendy house when I was little : )

  18. Nicky says:

    The Magic Carpet – our transportation to freedom and joy!

  19. A Cushion says:

    Our 1998 Lunar Arriva 4 is called Little Mo as she is our little mobile getaway.

  20. Ken Platt says:

    We have a German TEC. We called her Helga. Built to to last, solid as a rock 13 yrs of trouble free touring.

  21. Allun keay says:

    Rene after my late mother in law

  22. Julia says:

    Like it

  23. Julia says:

    My caravan is called ‘Joy’. She is a t@b400l, teardrop shape. She was given to me after I survived my brain operation.

  24. Paul says:

    Ours is called Adora the explorer caravan, named the the grandkids, it’s an Adria Adora Isonzo…

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul, Adora the Explorer gets a mention by Caravan magazine as one of their favourite names!

  25. Jane says:

    My super Bailey Valencia 111 is called “3 P.” ??? Purple, Passion, Palace. No, Nothing like that! I just love all lilac and budleia colours and that’s what the furnishings and cushions inside are coloured!
    I also have a Bichon Frise named Tee Pee (I got her from a family – Mum and Dad -Tammy, Paul, and children – Thomas, Poppy and Esme!) So it all fits! Except the other dogs are Ethan and Twm Bach but that’s another story! Does anyone else get nervous just before they start off a new season. I get the jitters about towing – once I’m on my way I’m OK. Can anyone help with the pre-journey nerves!????

  26. Debbie says:

    My caravan is called “Claude Van Master” – a take on of Claude Van Dame

  27. Ron says:

    We called our first van Louisa after my mum, our new van is also called Louisa , but we have yet to apply transfers to name her

  28. Linda says:

    I have a 25yr old Elddis Wisp 300/2 SE – affectionately called “Wilma”

  29. Sue Wdowik says:

    We call our Bailey Pegasus ‘Peggy Sue’

  30. caroline duncombe says:

    We call our motorhome ‘ELLIE’ because when I first saw our LMC Liberty Cruiser I said ‘she is as big as an elephant’

  31. Julie Tanner says:

    MTM III -as in Mini Tanner Manor van no 3 after we bought our new house our niece age then 8 said “Blooming eck it’s Tanner Manor” so when we got our first van she declared “well it’s just a Mini Tanner Manor”!!!

  32. Alan says:

    We have called our caravans Eva (hev-her) as that’s what we do.

  33. Andy Culley says:

    I can’t be doing with this naming of inanimate objects.
    It’s only a lump of (expensive) metal, plastic and upholstery! No-ones “names” their lounge suite, garden shed or kitchen cabinets do they? So why “name” your caravan??
    Just a different point of view!!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      It is another point of view Andy but for many of our readers it seems a popular thing to do as their caravan is their pride and joy!

  34. Anne and Gerald says:

    Our lovely Lunar Chateau 400 is called Maggie in memory of Anne’s lovely Mum who enjoyed caravanning in the 1970’s.

  35. Maureen Purdom says:

    Our Sprite Alpine we called her
    Betty Boop love her

  36. John Barton says:

    We call ours Daniele, the Italian equivalent of Dan as the base vehicle is a fiat. Why Dan? – all my cars are called Doris and as an Archers fan the masculine Chausson just had to be Dan!

  37. Angel says:

    Slight finger problem should be mog not omg. Sorry.

  38. John Harper says:

    Our first Folding camper was called “April” as that was the month we bought it. Our second one was called “Fergie” which we collected when Alex Ferguson announced that he was retiring from football. We will collect our new Caravan in May which we have yet to name ( Elddis Supereme )

  39. Angel says:

    We have an Abbey Spectrum but she is named poppy after our omg who travels everywhere with us.

  40. Alyson Hodson says:

    Our motorhome is called Ruby as we treated ourselves for our ruby wedding anniversary.

  41. Christine Parry says:

    Our caravan is Queenie Quasar

  42. E rollinson says:

    My mum and dads caravan is called the “nanna-van” my kids named it that because it’s their nannas ‘van! And ours is called the “Rollo-van” as our second Name is Rollinson and we call ourselves the “rollos”

  43. E rollinson says:

    My mum and dad call their caravan the nana-van because it’s “nannas caravan!” And we call ours the Rollovan as our surname is Rollinson!

  44. Dawn Welsh says:

    Our caravan’s name is ” Betty “

  45. Paul w says:

    Ours is called Bailey. Because that’s what is written on it!!

  46. Tony R says:


  47. Pamela says:

    We own a Hymer Nova, so call it Supernova as we think it is great, with a spacious design it suits us and our 2 dogs well.

  48. Maggie says:

    My Eriba Puck Classic is called Elvira

  49. Elaine and Phil says:

    Our 2 berth Bessacarr cameo is called Bert and I even wrote a poem about him!!

    “I’m Berlington Bertie
    Been cleaned so not dirty
    I’ll arrived on the site pre announced
    With Bradcot new awning I’ll greet every morning
    And wait till the’re up and gone out
    I’m Bert, Bert me awnings got skirts
    I’m Berlington Bertie from Oh
    Kimberley caravans

  50. Al Norfolk says:

    Our Bailey has to be called Louise, after Louisiana, and a lady of course…

  51. Kevin Head says:

    My wife named our Swift 554 Sport Claudette. I do not know why!

  52. Bob and Carol says:

    Our Abbey Vogue 2 is called “ANNA” in memorial of our aunty who died and left us the money to buy it.

  53. Tony says:

    Our is called “Eddie” the Elddis

  54. Pam Marsden says:

    It’s Miranda

  55. Kim Turner says:

    We have an Abbey and come from the Black Country where a baby is called a “babby”. So our is named “Babby Abbey”!

  56. David says:

    We call our new caravan Phoenix as our last one set on fire and was totally destroyed. So this one has risen from the ashes!

  57. Simon r says:

    Stephanie sterling.
    And Lexie lunar.

  58. Karen says:

    We have a Sterling Amber Elite – call her Tilly however friends refer to her as wobble box too- Tilly is much more cute!

  59. Lisa Taylor says:

    I have a freedom microlite called Mabel x

  60. Ray says:

    Our benimar Motorhome is called Isobel

  61. Pam says:

    Although we love her dearly, we call our caravan Ugly Betty Baily. The inside is perfect, but you must agree the Baily Olympus with its discoloured squares on the front is an ugly van!

  62. Lillian says:

    The Beanpod (because we’re the Bean family)

  63. Tel says:

    Trebah the Eriba

  64. Chez says:

    Bumble (A Yellow T@B 320)

  65. Helen says:

    Tin Tent

  66. Debbie says:


  67. j gidney says:

    our van is called after the wife so its a carol van

  68. Graham Henson says:

    We call ours tinkerbell beuase when we bought it there was a fairy sticker on the back.

  69. Pete Pickering says:

    Dennis. It’s a Delta.
    Last van was Colin, a Champagne.

  70. Gaynor says:

    Our new Bailey Valencia is called Bertie … Bertie the Bailey

  71. B J B says:

    My Swift Conqueror is my first ever caravan, which I’ve owned for 3 months. I call him Cyril and have lots of trips planned.

  72. Laura says:

    Our first van was a Knaus Sport & Fun that we lovingly referred to as our little navarac. Our family grew and so we’ve now upgraded to a Sterling Continental that the kids have nicknamed Connie!

  73. Graham Wilson says:

    Our Bailey Pageant Champagne is called Charley

  74. Rich says:


  75. Claire at Tin Box Traveller says:

    Tin Box 🙂

  76. David Bell says:

    Elvis The Elddis

  77. P Dengate says:


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