Do you take a firepit on your camping holidays?

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  1. Shane says:

    We use a gas firepit, no smoke and good heat output

  2. Brian Reed says:

    Strikes me that you have to have a REALLY good fire going to feel the difference, though the visual impact could be quite rustically romantic – unless the wind decides to blow the smoke over you! If you’re out of the smoke you’re probably also out of the heat! And it’s really bad for the environment. Having said that I find a Ghillie kettle and twig stove useful for my cooking – with limited fumes and max heat for a short while. Ple4ase ensure all fires are out – doused – before bedtime.

  3. Tony Harris says:

    I use a Small Cadac simple clean and safe

  4. Steven Quantrill says:

    I have a Biolite Basecamp, Brilliant easy to use store & uses any wood you find where you have stopped.

  5. Ben says:

    One of the staples of camping. If your neighbours are close enough too have an opinion, you’re on a too crowded campsite. Sustainable sourced local fire wood is much more net zero than gas that’s travelled from the north see or electric created by coal fired power stations.

  6. Rick Davies says:

    It seems to be the “thing” to do these days. We hired one to try but only used it once, our clothes smelt of smoke for days. Also, we seemed to get the benefit of other people’s smoke too who lit them indiscriminately with no thought of where the smoke was going to go. I think fire pits should be confined to one area of the campsite if practicable.

  7. Corrie Geice says:

    Very anti social

  8. David McGrath says:

    Our upcoming holiday is on a pitch with a Fire Pit part of the pitch


    I have a cast iron barbecue which can also be used as a small firepit, but use it only rarely depending on the site rules. The weather this year has severely limited the use of my barbecue.

  10. Ron Ridge says:

    the people that buy the easy light charcoal and firepits with damp wood are a nuisance, I caravan to enjoy the outdoors not their pollution and drunken singing. many Festivals now ban fires due to nuisence and danger

  11. J Colin Barksby says:

    The Particulate Matter [PM} emitted when burning wood is Extremely Injurious to the lungs, much more so than the PM emitted from the combustion of Diesel.
    Would you sit next to the exhaust of a Diesel truck with its engine running or subject any other person or pet, for that matter, to such Dangerous, Unhealthy and frankly Obnoxious environment?

  12. David Glendinning says:

    No place for fire pits on campsites. Dangerous, anti social, seem to attract drunken morons.

  13. John says:

    Suppose they are fine with responsible people????
    Unfortunately now with covid campers that is no longer the case, we have now irresponsible people!!!!!!!

  14. Steve Woodhams says:

    Ember burn holes in plastic awnings ruining them. I don’t want open fires anywhere near me.

  15. Stephen says:

    We don’t carry one, but do like to hire one (and buy seasoned logs) from those sites that provide them. We find those sites take a very responsible attitude, not hiring if the ground is tinder dry, and having sensible rules about where they are placed. Nothing better than sitting by a fire, nursing a beer, wine, rum or even hot chocolate and watching the sun go down.

  16. CAW says:

    Firepits are unnecessary, smelly, bad for the environment and if you have a breathing disorder, can actually force you to move away from them to be able to breathe.

  17. Jim Gillies says:

    Should not be allowed nearby to other caravans due to the smoke / fumes wafting across other folks pitches or inside their caravans
    No problem with a separate paved area for them well away from caravans and extinguishers nearby

  18. Peter Langley says:

    Fire pits and flammable things like tents and caravans and human lives are too great a risk apart from the fact that not everyone behaves sensibly in the use of these things and when the smoke is drifting in to my caravan it creates tension with the people causing it.

  19. A.FLesher says:

    Absolutely agree with you. I really don’t like the smoke from these drifting across my pitch and even into the caravan. I think they are quite anti-social.

  20. Keith Roberts says:

    Great idea in principle, the problem is when people dont know that green wood doesnt burn. Its not the right environment on a site where there are people close together with fabric structures. We tend to avoid sites that allow firepits..

  21. I think it is unessesory to take a firepit in your caravan and they can be dangerous too. You should be able to do without one whilst on holiday

  22. Robin Baldwin says:

    We have a Bushpig which can be used as a BBQ and a fire pit. It is always used sensibly with a tray full of water under it to prevent any scorching of the grass and, of course, within the rules of the campsite and local area.

  23. Paul Selby says:

    Fire pits are great for cool evenings when tent camping. We sometimes holiday with our son wife and three grandchildren in his tent and a fire pit is almost a necessity!

  24. Chris Felton says:

    Communal BBQ area (with and extinguisher close by) are a better idea IMHO groups people together and limits the risk of fires.

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