Do you use a windbreak to make your pitch more private?

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  1. SoloExplorer says:

    Camping to me means getting away from everything to do with my life in a block of flats in a city by a major thoroughfare, Just myself, nature, fresh air and peace and quiet. Sometimes I like to be invisible and while I shall not completely close myself off, I certainly will not intrude on other people’s trip. The windbreaker just adds the feeling of a patio/front garden (again, it’s not going to be all the way around the tent, I won’t be completely closed off) but I am very private and while I will welcome anyone who wants to chat (especiallly if they have dogs!) I camp in small and well spaced out sites, deliberately going for ones which are minimalist.

    That’s me, but I fully respect people who do go to sites which encourage huge gatherings and loud partying, because it’s what they like to do… so in response to some of the above, no of course I wouldn’t have a windbreak up at a “social site” because I would not go to a site with a focus on mingling. A little tolerance goes a long way.

    Happy trails and stay safe!

  2. Christopher Wells says:

    I use a windbreak to shield from the wind whilst cooking and socialising, not to be private as we are members of the “Friendly Club”.

  3. Jocelyne Smythers says:

    We use a windbreak mostly to shelter from the wind (the clue is in the name). It helps when cooking on the Cadac and stops my light ingredient being blown away from the table. When it rains, it’s a perfect combination with the wind out awning. Otherwise, we don’t bother with either to socialise with our fellow campers and their dogs. I must say that even with the windbreak, we still have a chance to chat to passers by. We’re not enclosed like in an awning

  4. David White says:

    How can it give more privacy when anyone can see straight over it? We have seen people sat behind one and it looks ridiculous! Keeping a child/dog restrained – great. Privacy – rubbish!

  5. use just windout awning as sun shade

  6. dave says:

    Don’t like windbreak brigade building barriers enclosing space what are you afraid of

  7. sally ann c carpenter says:

    We have a small windbreak but only used our awning last year and just loved speaking to other holiday makers

  8. Elaine Shepherd says:

    We use ours as an awning skirt .Cut down it does a great job on our motor home

  9. BoB says:

    Agree with the comment, its in the name.

  10. Barry Carter says:

    We use a windbreak of the old fashioned type with wooden poles that you hammer in but use a large phillips screwdriver to start the holes off especially where ground is hard, it’s a fabric sided windbreak to shelter from the wind whilst sitting outside and used in conjunction with Motorhome’s sun canopy, we’ve also used it for privacy when children have stopped with and are sleeping in a pup tent. We find the windbreak helps to protect the tents guy ropes by preventing people tripping over them and also acting as additional protection along with the sun canopy for the pup tent.

  11. Alexander Manson says:

    Use a windbreak for shelter. The clue is in the name

  12. I use a windbreak mainly to keep my two dogs in and only then if it’s not too windy

  13. Andrew Smith says:

    We use a canopy and don’t really get the ‘privacy’ thing. We like fellow campers to come and enjoy the company, when allowed. We have used a windbreak to try to give some shelter to the barbecue if we use one. But that is a rarity.

  14. Ronald Halls says:

    We use our windbreaks to stop our dogs from being disturbed

  15. Arthur Emanuel says:

    Some sites don’t allow windbreaks

  16. Neal Miller says:

    Why go to a social site and then ‘lock’ yourself away? Windbreaks are for what the description says, keeping the wind off, not your neighbours!!

  17. Me says:

    I like to cook outside and it helps to keep the wind off and for us to enjoy the evening out in the open without a chilly wind .

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