Does your motorhome have a tracking device?

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  1. Ian Smith says:

    Have a tracker but it is not a subscription type ,I also have a tracker that was fitted to our caravan when purchased for the first 3 years of ownership we was paying just under £200 ,a lot of money when on a pension I have now bought a tracker that I can use with my phone and computer and only pay to top up a sim card a whole lot cheaper,we also have a crisis tracker chip fitted this is the one that the police use a detecter like a speed gun or a wand.

  2. Barry Carter says:

    For peace of mind and lower premiums I wouldn’t be without an approved tracking device. I am currently into my third Motorhome and tracker a SmarTrack device monitored by Global Telemetrics. I am able to view my Motorhome’s mapped position on my smartphone and it also tells me the state of the battery that supplies it. So far (touch wood) I haven’t had to call on them for it to be recovered and may it continue to be so.

  3. Susan Price says:

    Yes I too have tracker fitted as standard on my motorhome. I pay a fee of £95 a year and agree with Derek Millward that it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Police are contacted automatically. Very worthwhile investment. Would recommend.

  4. Derek Millward says:

    I have had my tracker fitted from new when I brought my 2015 motorhome and pay £99.00 a year subscription which for peace of mind is a bargain. If stolen the police have the equipment to alert them if they are in a area where my motorhome is being kept even inside a I
    get a small discount on my insurance its a win win situation.

  5. Graham Sharples says:

    Very informative

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