Would you ever consider downsizing your caravan or motorhome?

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  1. Alan Tanner says:

    Only problem with a 2 berth is that there is no dinette seats to sit on first thing in the morning while the wife is still sleeping in the bed

    • Anthony Baldwin says:

      Good point Alan, I use the awning ,and if its a little cool put the potable heater on low ,this also doesn’t disturb the wife’s beauty sleep

  2. Anthony Baldwin says:

    We recently downsized from a 4berth fixed bed, to a Swift 442
    2 berth . we now have a super end bathroom , the bed is very easy and quick to make ,and with the new Duvalay sleeping bags ,we don’t miss the fixed bed at all ,

  3. John Hepworth says:

    I agree with Alan Turner.

    • Alan Turner says:

      Ah, another one of us.
      I tow a 585. Interior great, but craning my neck to see where I’m reversing the damned thing, is as much as I can manage these days.
      No longer quite as agile as I was and hence the need for a lovely island fixed bed inside!
      Sigh, tempus fugit.

  4. Alan Turner says:

    Why can’t the designers come up with a van which is 12′ long overall outside and 20′ long overall inside, with an MTPLM of 1000kg ???

  5. John MacBride says:

    Nobody makes a compact 4 berth with long front seats now, so I have had to seriously consider downsizing to a 2 berth rather than buy a bigger and heavier 4 berth with short front seats.

  6. David Marsh says:

    As I was getting nearer and nearer to my seventieth birthday the eyes of those folks at the wonderful DVLA were about to be on me. I’ve had a few motorhomes and for me the Mercedes base with an automatic gearbox was the start of whatever I purchased. I had a lovely Eura Mobil on a Mercedes chassis, not big at seven and a half metres long but the weight was over the 3500kgs. So, to avoid having to go through selling due to the DVLA resticting my licence I decided to downsize just after my sixty ninth birthday a couple of years ago. In fact before I had filled in the forms for the DVLA and obviously before a decision about my entitlement had been made. I bought a 2008 Auto Sleeper Sandhurst based on the VW T5 with an automatic gearbox. It’s a lovely little thing but having to make up the bed is for me a pain. So, after filling in the forms a little later on the DVLA deemed me fit enough to continue driving more or less anything and everything I’m now looking around for a Mercedes automatic based Eura Mobil or something similar with a double floor….good for those chilly nights don’t y’know and of course some decent storage. The Auto Sleeper is just fine but as I had amassed quite a few things over the past forty odd years of tramping hither and yon I now tow a little twin axle Erde 234 x 4 trailer. So although I did downsize my outfit is in fact now longer than before. What’s all that about? Still, it doesn’t keep me from escaping the wrath of a British winter. As one sticker says ‘Adventure before Dementia.’

  7. Peter Foster says:

    Downsized from a 4 berth fixed bed to a two berth. Couldn’t see the reason for hauling the extra weight of a fixed bed around and having a smaller bathroom and small lounge. Most 2 berths have more day space and larger shower rooms and it only takes minutes to make the bed.

  8. N White says:

    consider smaller motor home that parks on drive saving cost of finding alternative parking and more handy for getting away

  9. Iain Ball says:

    Over the last 15 years I’ve done big, I’ve done medium and now as from 2015 I drive a VW Kombi DSG 140bhp with minimum conversion. As I get older, I realise that wild camping isn’t the be all and end all. I no longer need a fixed shower and toilet, I don’t even need the drive away airbeam awning but I still have that. Campsites in France are so cheap, even in the South of France, The most I paid was 12 Euros for the town centre campsite in Millau alongside the river using the ACSI book in July. Worth visiting the british designed bridge across the valley. The biggest advantage of a small van is being able to park in towns and villages.

  10. cClive says:

    Our van is 7.8 meters long (25Ft) A class, owned from new (2008) spent a lot of our life savings to buy it, and despite the quality vehicle, has taken until now(9years) to carry out all the small improvement mods that have proven bneccessary,
    It is noe as perfect for us as it can be,Have had the normal DVLA anxiety of the licence renewal procedure to go through ( The van is ( 5 tonne +), and if the day arrives when the”authorities” decide ” we are not letting you drive that vehicle anymore ” It will be time to call it a day, and reminice on the years of luxury and pleasure we have had, the friends we have made and the sights we have seen

  11. John Hobson says:

    The new one (Auto-Sleepers Broadway) fits into our garage and thus stays cleaner and is easier to maintain; and my wife, who has not retained her C1 licence, can drive it.

  12. Diane Radford says:

    I really enjoy driving my smaller motorhome,it’s much easier to park,and there is plenty of strorage space,.

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