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  1. Keith and Kathy says:

    Our motorhome Is brilliant but to make it even more so we got a new leather interior from carovan ,excellent .We remap my fiat from 130 to 150 bhp now it flys and easy on the juice . Changed the tyres to BF Goodriches AT with alloys ,excellent in wet and get out of slippery camp site . Bought a 7″ Garmin truck nav ,so we don’t end up down narrow lanes . Installed Led globes in all tail lights and the interior ,with a led blue strip lighting for effect , installed a microwave where the TV box is and hung the Led TV on bracket with cordless headphones so we can listen without chasing the other campers .anyway. Fitted a 4″ mermory foam mattress topper on our Frenchbed . Installed a battery monitor for the dual bats ,and much more still to do !

  2. Ash says:

    VW SWB T5 Transporter. Fitted carpets in the front cabin and rear; fitted passenger swivel seat; added LED lighting and a clock; made and fitted glide-out drawers to cupboards; made and fitted clips in a cupboard to hold the wine bottles; designed and had made a holder for the folding table which now fits neatly behind the rear seat; made and fitted an awning; fitted daytime running lights; fitted a socket near the pedals for the sat nav so no more trailing cable. Had cruise control fitted and just had the engine remapped from 102 to 130 BHP.

  3. Maryann Plumbley says:

    I have a Mohawk (2010) I added, reverse steadies, heaters in fresh water tank and waste tank, a Camos Dome for satellite TV, water filter so even if I used dirty river water, what I drank or cooked in would be totally pure and clean (this should be a standard on all motorhomes); LPG tank for auto gas for my on board gas needs and gas generator 2.5K. – all underslung. Upgraded weight to 4250 – paperwork exercise. Giving me loads of personal KG use.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Wow Maryann
      Plenty of mods on your motorhome. The water filter and LPG tank certainly will give you plenty of freedom to explore even remote places. Plenty of payload too with the weight upgrade.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Peter Whiting says:

    Fitted extra power points. Changed the fold down sink. Moved the taps.
    Put a pump switch in the bathroom.Removed panels to make more storage space.(The Bessacarr E350 is quite small.)

  5. BillD says:

    Fitted 200watts of Solar Panels and an extra leisure battery with a dual battery bank charge controller now connected to 2 x 100amp/hr leisure batteries, and linked to a 3rd battery and 1500watt inverter for HID Hair dryer!!!

    Split charger from Leisure batteries to vehicle battery so when leisure batteries are fully charged solar energy is not wasted.

    Extra pin hole reversing camera fitted at low level so I can see people that are driving to close behind when the bike rack is being used.

    Gaslow system fitted, 1 x 11kg and 1 x 6kg.

    Gas detector fitted along with carbon monoxide and smoke alarm that accepts “Toast” burning!

  6. Paul says:

    Not very representative poll if you can only record one modification!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Paul, We’ve updated the poll so you can now select more than one option.


  7. Moxey says:

    We installed air suspension to a Burstner 675 an A Class best thing we ever did great driving on concrete M27 and elsewhere as well as amazing self levelling facility whenever we stop

  8. DaveHenderson says:

    Motorhome came with a solar panel already fitted as standard, I fitted a second one matched to the first plus added second leisure battery. All I can say is brilliant we go away month at a time in this country and never use an electric hookup which are now becoming a rip off on campsites.
    Also fitted air suspension to the rear. which not only aids stability on motorway cross winds and any passing wagons, is great for aiding levelling when parking on cl’s with uneven ground.

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch, looks like adding a second leisure battery is a popular choice!

  9. Super slim says:

    Also added extra leisure battrie to go with the solorpannal

    Changed to LED lighting

  10. John Barton says:

    Habitation LPG (Gaslow)
    Reverse sensors
    LED Habitation lighting
    High power reversing Led’s & Beeper
    Bedside 12V skts for PC’s etc
    Wi-Fi and 3G boosters

  11. Geoff douglas says:

    Because it’s a big MH (Bessacarr 496) I had Dunlop air suspension fitted for comfort and to aid stability on motorway, and when it’s windy. Although it cost over £1200 (fitted) it was money well spent.

  12. R A Woods says:

    I fitted a Electric Hook Up Cable Warning Buzzer. This was after I drove off once and pulled the plug out Fortunately no damage was done.
    I have a 2002 Auto Sleeper Ravenna.

  13. Dave Hall says:

    I added a second leisure battery as my campervan has an Eberspacher diesel space heater and it draws a lot of current ampage when starting and firing down.

  14. thomas james hill says:

    I spend a lot off time in portugal so solar panels are a fantastic ad to my motor home lets her in doors watch her soaps.

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