Gear Guide: Electric bikes or e-bikes for caravanning

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  1. David Irwin says:

    I think an important issue is what type/capacity of pure sine inverter to use to charge the bike battery while driving and whether the battery manufacturer will approve. Bosch are pretty iffy about it!
    Any advice, please …

  2. Keith Taylor says:

    Got 2023 Eovolt afternoon folding bikes with 20” wheels and wider tyres make them more stable than the 16” wheels and can be used for light off roading, 7 speed and 5 levels off assistance plus they fit in the rear of the tiguan out of sight.

  3. Richard Lindley says:

    Why doesn’t enterprising company produce a full-size, hybrid, folding, electric bike? Surely there would be a market for them, particularly from campers and caravanners?

  4. Rose says:

    I have converted my bike to an e bike. I’d like to know if it’s safe to plug in and charge the removable battery in a tourer caravan which is hooked up on site?

    • Hi Rose, that’s a great question. Using a power outlet from any tourer or a tent hook-up is fine for e-bike charging. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) wiring regulations state that you cannot charge an electric vehicle directly from the electric hook-up bollard – the power must distribute through the leisure accommodation first. Hope this helps? Liz

  5. Iain Munro says:

    Brilliant, informative and accurate article,well done,wish we could have read that 8yrs ago. We have gone down the cheaper end in the past as so worried that bike would get pinched when abroad and insurance co’s would not cover or big excess! Now have rear garage and pull out
    Rack but weight is a problem still.!?

  6. William Owen says:

    Very informative

  7. Colin Bradford says:

    Useful brief description of each bike and essential weights of bike and batteries for us caravaners.

  8. john sutcliffe says:

    Want to try an E-bike powered by Bosch? Lake District Bikes in south Cumbria have an excellent selection to hire and offer an unbiased view as they do not sell bike only hire them. All the e-bikes on hire are fully explained, easy to ride and must be pre booked via their website where the bikes are in different categories – offroad, hybrid or road E-bikes.

  9. Howard Huntington says:


  10. Peter says:

    informative and unbiased. Reviewed a broad price range, illustrating then old adage “you get what you pay for”. Nice that the information also included running gear too – brakes, gears, wheels etc.

  11. Mr Colin Tipping says:

    Each to her/his own BUT a shout-out for Ribble. Wife & I have had one of their gravel bikes each for a few months & they have revolutionised our cycling. Very light but with extra battery option, our speeds have increased, our distances are more comfortable. They sit on a Thule bike carrier – which has a ramp to help loading/unloading – on the back of our motorhome. Yes – not cheap. If you have the cash though, don’t bother looking elsewhere.

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