Gear guide: Tyre pressure monitoring systems for your caravan or motorhome

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  1. Ron says:

    Perhaps it would be prudent to check on the status of these promoted products within this article as the Michelin Fit2Go for all but motorcycles has been pulled from sales as per their website reached via the link. The quoted price of £79 is also only for the motorcycle product…..

  2. Colin Elsdon says:

    I have TyrePal fitted to my 4.5 ton single rear axle motorhome and it works brilliantly once you’ve figured out the high and low allowances, as you can get spurious alarms if you have them too close to the min/ max running pressure’s. I also have them on my motorcycle trailer an they saved a potential disaster when we picked up a puncture on the trailer while travelling on a motorway in Bulgaria, allowing me to stop before it went down completely. Well worth getting

  3. Robert M Leigh says:

    Hi, could the oscillating mass of the valve sensor cause premature failure of valve seats? We had two valves split at the rubber seat in steel rims o a small car, which the garage put down to the ‘waggling’ of longer than normal valves under wheel rotation (n.b. pressure sensors not fitted). Thanks.

  4. Peter Davies says:

    Underlines importance of maintaining pressures
    Is there a tyre inflator you would recommend to inflate Motorhome tyre pressures of up to 72 psi satisfactorily

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      We’d suggest speaking to your motorhome service centre for a reccommended tyre inflator Peter.

  5. John Hajok says:

    Stopped using my TyrePal sensors as there were too many (pointless) alarm warnings. This usually occurred when there was a change in road camber, hitting a stretch of wet road, or for other inexplicable reasons.

  6. David Burdon says:

    I hope tpms’s have improved ,as I fitted(or should I say tried to fit ) a Tyrepal system to my Rapido a number of years ago and never got it working properly.I found it impossible to properly link the sensors to the monitor ,the sensors are fiddley to fit to the tyre valves and I was never sure of the batteries’ integrity.Unfortunately ,I eventually gave up on it . I believe to understand how to operate these gadgets properly you have to use your outfit regularly .They would have to have improved considerably for me to purchase another one! If anyone fancies trying one I can sell them one!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry to hear of the problems you’ve had with the TyrePal system. Their customer service team should be able to help you with any set up problems.

  7. Josephine sharp says:

    We have a transit double wheel base LMC liberty 2007 and this is our first time in a motorhome. We have just had a full service and complete new brakes wheel bearings so would any of these work on our vehicle. We need all the help and advice we can get so keep up the good work.
    Regards josie

  8. Trevor Dayneswood says:

    My previous comment (about not indicating which tyre-monitoring devices are suitable specifically for motorhomes) is all the more pertinent in the light of your ‘sister’ article on “What’s your top winter **motorhoming** accessory?” THAT article specifically refers to THIS article in the context of motorhomes – but without indicating which items are suitable for motorhomes!!

  9. Trevor Dayneswood says:

    Your article mentions ‘Motorhomes’ 14 times – but NONE of your recommended sensors indicates that it is suitable for motorhomes! PLEASE give some recommendations for (small/medium – e.g. Romahome R30) motorhomes.

  10. John hudson says:

    I echo the comments of Stuart Langley. I fitted tyre pal to my twin axle caravan. Not only do the tyres heat up in use but the one on th3 sunny side can b3 several degrees warmer. So tyre pressures vary accordingly.

    A useful safety feature!

  11. Kenneth Dudbridge says:

    Very interesting and informative article, certainly going to look into the Michelin system, well worth the outlay if it gives you peace of mind.

  12. Malcolm says:

    I have been seriously looking for a TPMS for a while… during my deliberations I can’t help wondering why they don’t produce a system for monitoring five wheels/tyres. After all the tyre which I neglect most is the spare because on a motorhome it is behind a hefty cover and it gets sidelined. I know it should get the same attention as the four main wheels but…..

    Food for thought?

  13. Big David says:

    Have used TyrePal for many years.
    Took a bit of getting used to, but give peace of mind while touring.
    It’s amazing how temperature and air pressure change tyre pressure.

  14. Dave Spurling says:

    You’ve made a strong case for having a monitoring system – does it still apply if Tyron bands have been fitted to our caravan?

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Yes you can use a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with Tyron bands – although the TPMS will hopefully alert before it gets to the stage of a blowout in any case.

  15. Tony Park says:

    How do the monitors which attach to the tyre valves get charged, or power?

  16. Stuart Langley says:

    Fitted tyrepal to my folding camper this spring and was amazed at the tyre temperature rise while travelling. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but very pleased I’ve got them for piece of mind having had a blowout on a trailer tent years ago.

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