Hymer Exsis-i 414 motorhome review: Short on length, light on weight, high on quality

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  1. AM says:

    I’d be interested to know why people want 2 double beds in such a small van. If I had this van I would imagine my wife and I would use only the front A-class drop down bed and constantly wonder how much bigger inside and comfortable the van would be if I did not have the rear double. Am I missing something fundamental here?

    • JO says:

      Response to AM. Deal breaker to us is a decent garage area – where we can store everything including bikes. Check the hight inside the garage area – sometimes it can be severely compromised by intrusions from the living area. If possible always try to have access from both sides of the vehicle. We have found there are times and places when it is not ideal to carry bicycles on the back. This usually means a high(ish) rear transverse bed over the garage. Also the front drop down bed is short(ish) for anyone around 6ft and difficult to get in and out without disturbing your partner. My experience, of over 7 years, with an A Class is that this bed is not suitable as a the sole sleeping place for 2 adults. We have a Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 5.99m with single bed across back and drop down front. We use both beds and so can each sleep soundly – once it gets to that point!!
      Bottom line – its horses for courses, look and consider very carefully – only then buy! This does seem to be an excellent conversion. Good luck.

  2. Colin Wood says:

    That’s so far closest to the layout I’ve been looking for for months. I need a short van with transverse rear bed and big garage. Would love to see a fridge freezer and an oven in there but I guess 6 might have to do some mods to get exactly what I want. Anyone know any other models that are like this? I will definitely be looking closer at this though…

    • john says:

      my 2003 Hymer 644 with small amount of work we had done to the seating is the same layout as this new model.love it

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