Guide to buying motorhome or caravan TVs

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  1. Paul Dewes says:

    In supporting Uk manufacture I purchased a Cello 24inch tv but was extremely disappointed with the sound quality. I had to turn it to full volume to get it at normal volume with distortion. Picture quality was ok but I decided to send it back to Cello. Instead I bought a Sharp Aquos 24 inch tv and what a total difference !!!!! Very sharp picture (Excuse the pun lol ) and sound quality is out of this world so can totally recommend. It does not have a dvd player but I have saved all my videos on to a memory stick which plugs into the usb port

  2. Glenda Harber says:

    We recently upgraded our Avtex TV and we chose to stay with the DVD (non-smart) option as we have loads of DVDs we take in the van. We can turn it into a smart TV by using our Amazon Firestick – best of both worlds.

  3. Trevor Smith says:

    Something to consider – our tv with built in DVD player loads the DVD via a slot on the right. The motorhome came with a fixed TV bracket attached to the wardrobe. This layout doesn’t leave enough space to load DVDS into the slot because the TV is very close to the right hand wall. I can get round this by easily unhooking the TV, loading DVD and rehooking after. If the slot was on the left I’d be able to load 12 inch singles, as there is so much room on that side.
    Another thing to consider when looking at the.

  4. Alan says:

    likewise we have a 220v TV only and if we realy wanted to we could use our inverter from the battery. In fact previously traveling offgrid traveling in the uSA we used our laptop which had a spare battery and we solar charged during the day. We never in fact used more than one battery at a time either. So always had full power for the laptop the next day.

  5. Ian Flanaghan says:

    This information does not include what type of 12v plug adapters to use.using the wrong adapter could overload the circuit and overheat

    • Hi Ian, the TVs featured are all leisure vehicle-friendly and designed to work from a 12V direct supply, with no further adaptor needed. Of course, if you keep your caravan on a seasonal pitch and have a constant 230V supply, there’s no harm in using a TV designed for domestic use…

  6. Thomas M Elliott says:

    excellent as i am trying to settle on a TV at the moment so it is well timed

  7. Philip Humphries says:

    Ok article but why no non-12v TVs? We bought a £110 basic Tesco brand flat screen 15” tv + dvd/cd player about 12years ago and it’s accompanied us on our or travels since. Suits us just fine. Ok not smart or satellite but lightweight about 2kg and as it’s only 40w power we can run it off 12v if off grid using an inverter. Cost about £30.

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