Motorhome washroom poll results are in…!

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  1. Stuart Duff says:

    We have a rule in out family of adults and teens …..those who fill the toilet empty it. Helps keeps it for emergencies.

    Tried a shower in first van years ago. Just lathered up and ran out of water. Decided it’s best to use other facilities if available since then

  2. John Young says:

    Following on the comment by Catherine regarding the disgusting habit of people emptying their toilets wherever the fancy takes them, it would be interesting to know where owners like Tom in the survey do actually empty theirs if they don’t even use the Motorhome service facilities offered by some sites? I know some towns provide such facilities but certainly not all.

  3. Jac McDiarmid says:

    Catherine, I understand your disgust – any decent minded person would. We were on one site in the Perthshire area with full facilities for emptying tanks and yet this idiot boldly informed the site owner that it wasn’t necessary to indicate where the facilities were as he “just let it pour out as he drove along the road”. The site owner promptly and very forcibly pointed out just how dangerous this would be – skid risks to all road users particularly cyclists and motorbikers and that it was downright and disgustingly filthy.
    Some people are just beyond comprehension.

  4. Catherine Cullen says:

    Living on Skye – a hot spot currently for motorhome tourists. We have been horrified by irresponsible motorhome (largely hirerers) emptying their foul water tanks onto beaches and into watercourses. I have a camper van and would never ever pollute the environment in this way. Please try and get the word across to motorhome hirers that such behaviour is not only detrimental to wildlife but also a public health issue.

  5. Elizabeth Hansen says:

    I’m sure I also said I woulduse the shower if necessary!

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Sorry Elizabeth, I’ve just seen that you left two comments. I’ve added the extra line into our post. Thanks for commenting.

  6. N. Collier says:

    My wife and I are one of the 24%. and thought your article exerlent. But we are not surprised at the outcome, We have been caravaning and motorhoming for roughly 30years and recent years we have found that queuing for our morning shower has greatly reduced and in many cases gone.

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