Motorhomers reveal their reversing aids

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    On continental holidays always walk to your pitch first don’t rely on local descriptions or you will end up reversing 1 1/2 miles along a narrow track like I did

  2. Mike Burton says:

    Same here, having driven a 36′ rigid HGV (oceangoing liner like steering and lock like unsteered tank tracks, driven one of those too!) I am well used to it, backing out onto main roads obviously requires assistance but into a pitch or bay is fairly easy. best advice I could give is to stop, get out and assess where you plan to park if an unfamiliar spot, more ‘recce’ and therefore less ‘wrecky’ In addition, go to a deserted car park and practice, take some cones or other markers that can be seen from the driving position and use the marked bays as guidance while you learn the size and handling abilities of your motorhome. Most people use them so rarely they can easily forget the size of it. Get comfortable with it, use it often so your memory is always on the ball! Mine is modest in size compared to what I used to drive but I use it every weekend for a change of scenery and the freedom we all crave from our home on wheels!

  3. Lee Roberts says:

    I’m in the 1 percent as I do not use reversing aids. Not being big headed, but I’m a bus driver and reverse long buses/ coaches all day when need be.

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