New laws for mobile phone use when touring

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  1. Robert Hayes says:

    After all the talk of the use of a mobile phone whilst driving I see it done everyday just about while I’m out walkin, something in the way of taking the car off them sounds a good idea, why don’t people learn there’s enough publicity on the use of mobile devices no one seems to take any notice, or thinks I’ll chance it.

  2. John says:

    Do like they do in New Zealand if a traffic offence is committed not only take the phone take the car as well.

  3. Colin Mason says:

    I think the law should be tougher if caught with your mobile device in hand min £500+1 month ban

  4. broomewanderer says:

    If you’re driving a motorhome or towing, chances are you’ve got a passenger who should make the call. SIMPLE what’s all the fuss? if you’re on your own you can’t make a call. I think hands free should be banned!!!!!!

  5. vidfreak83 says:

    @ Michael Hughes……the law does not stop you using your mobile phone. The law stops you holding a mobile device. If you are stuck in traffic after an incident or accident and you need to make a call, then you can still use hands free, ear bud etc

    And my own personal opinion is that if a driver is caught breaking the law on handheld devices, not only should they get the points, fine etc, but the device should be confiscated at scene and then either destroyed or sold and the proceeds go to the emergency services to help fund them for when they have to attend accidents where it has been caused by using a mobile device whilst driving. People would soon think twice before doing it.

  6. Michael Hughes says:

    Looks as if the law stops you from using a mobile phone if you are trapped in traffic following a motorway incident where you might e stationary in the outside lane for ages. You are not permitted to walk on the motorway or use your mobile in the car since you have not pulled off the road.
    On the whole the rules do make sense but some don’t seem to have been fully thought through.

  7. Gordon Ormiston says:

    Clear and informative. Clarifies what should really be common sense.

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