New vehicle tax rates affecting motorhomes and tow cars

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  1. Jean says:

    What about tractors or lorries

  2. Ian O'Rourke says:


    Help me understand this. If a theoretically camper van conversion is being sold to me at £42K for arguments sake. What triggers the 40K rule? THat cost or the fact the can was 29-30K without the conversion?

  3. Tommy pickering says:

    You can thank the Greens for this hypocrisy, Cheers Caroline, You’re making such a difference.Not!!!

  4. Robert Hayes says:

    Happens caravanners will take to the road and slow the network down and bring the government to a halt, If we pay we can say & use the road network we are paying for it, so use it. I say this as was told diesel was the way to go now I’m told different someone has to pay why me, I was working on someone else’s advice who we put in power to run the country.

  5. Neil says:

    This is so idiotic only this Government could find a way of totally derailing the sensible drive for more fuel efficiency and more environmentally friendly cars. A new hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, registered after 1 April, will pay as much tax as a new Range Rover – how bizarre. Would like to think this will be Hammond’s next U-turn!

  6. Murray says:

    Good info

  7. Thomas bowley says:

    Just another hit for the motorist to fund the greasy London bankers ect buy a bike and get a tent enough is enough don’t we pay enough tax ??? Soon be only the rich can afford to take a caravan on to the roads

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