Poll: Do you use your motorhome washroom?

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  1. Graham James says:

    I think it very much depends on the washroom. With my current motorhome the bathroom is spacious and the shower properly separate from the rest; accordingly, I hardly ever use on site facilities. My previous motorhome the washroom was nothing like as spacious and, if you used the shower, water ended up everywhere that would not drain easily. Consequently I used it less.

    Now, I would not dream of not using it to the full. Unlike David above, I do not worry about using my own water or the waste I generate; the trade off between the convenience, privacy and comfort of using my own facilities far, far outweighs any hassle of more frequent trips to get water or empty the waste. If not on a service pitch, I use an aqua roll and pump and a wastemaster – no way will I move the van to get water. It is really no great effort to do this.

  2. James Bruce. says:

    Ditto DavidMissions

  3. Janice Patterson says:

    I prefer to use our facilities even if on a full facility site.

  4. Peter Hollis says:

    We use toilet and shower only if these are not available on the site. We don’t use the washbasin – it’s too small. We use the kitchen sink instead.

  5. Tom McGowran says:

    In the 30 years we have owned motor homes I have only used a campsite facility a couple of times. I don’t think my wife has even ventured into a toilet block! The facilities in our Moho is superb. Good shower with proper door (no curtain) loo is good too and wash hand basin is as good as you will find in an hotel.

  6. Elaine Clements says:

    Why would you have your own facilities and not use them, much nicer having a shower and getting dressed in the comfort of you own motorhome.

  7. David Missions says:

    Your options rather too black or white with only one option to tick. The one I’ve ticked is the most appropriate. However, we use our motorhomes facilities to the full when required, no problem, but on a site with suitable showers and toilets we then use them, and only use the toilet in our motorhome at night. Why waste/use water when on-site facilities are suitable and convenient?

  8. Martin says:

    Our Hymer Classic 644 motorhome has a shower unit, but due to the age of the van (2005) it is unusable as the base has cracked (it appears to be wafer thin in the first place!) even though the van is one owner only, and has very low mileage (25k)

  9. Paul Knight says:

    I have an Autocruise accent and it’s a bit tight in the shower for a full shower but we have used it a couple of times. We tend to use the onsite showers but always use the hand basin and toilet.

  10. Elizabeth Hansen says:

    Use shower area for storage for shoes dog biscuits hanging wet clothes etc.

  11. Elizabeth Hansen says:

    Don’t see the point of having a toilet and not using it fully! If we had no alternatives to the shower we would use it, eg no onsite showers or more than one day off a site.

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