Poll: Do you go wild camping off grid in your motorhome?

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  1. Charly says:

    No have to feel secure having people around us we get a better nights sleep and I like people Charly says

  2. Jonna says:

    We wild camp almost everywhere but, we tend to drive during the day going to places we want to see and pulling in somewhere to sleep at night, moving on the next morning. Quite often if we can’t find somewhere quiet and secluded we park in a quiet residential road, we look for houses with high garden walls or hedges trying to find roads that have other cars parked overnight, after all, the only difference will that the cars are usually empty There really is no problem with wild camping in the UK and we have never been moved on or felt insecure. Go for it!

  3. Doreen matthews says:

    We would like to see more aires in uk. We were meant to have one in our hometown of Weymouth it was even publish in the m&m magazine and people have been driving around looking for it. If we spotted them we would tell them it never happened. Very short sited of councils as it would bring more revenue into towns restaurants and shops.

  4. Colin Weightman says:

    we wild camp in our camper van as often as possible, we prefer the freedom it offers, you just have to be sensible about it, leave the area as clean and tidy as you found it, it also means we can use our van more often as we find some sites very expensive @£20 to park in a field with no facilities per night is i think a bit steep! any way each to there own and what they feel happy with.

  5. Laurence Watts says:

    Like the idea but the wife feels too insecure

  6. Peter Hollis says:

    Wild camping is great if you go away a lot, as you save a fortune on campsite costs. In UK it is very difficult to find anywhere safe, remote, and legal.

  7. Tony Briggs says:

    love to get away from it all and just roam

  8. Barry Carter says:

    My wife and I have what we would class as a luxury motorhome, well it is to us, and so would not feel both personally and motorhome wise safe and secure and so do not like the thought of Wild Camping. We also like the camaraderie of the people we meet on the many camp sites that we visit on our travels. To my mind if you really want to wake up close to nature why not take up backpack tenting as I have done in the past, or is it really about saving money, well each to his own.


  9. Barry Tramaseur says:

    For the last few years we have taken our holidays abroad where we have been welcomed on Aires and campsites. The Beau Villages of France are a joy to visit where we are welcomed. No longer the rules and regulations of Club sites and expense. As I enter this reply we are on an aire overlooking the sea on the Ile of ré in western France

  10. Kurt says:

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult here in the UK where some one always wants to make money off you. Love wild camping though, look forward to camping in France

  11. Jim Stafford says:

    Wild camp whenever we can, France especially as they have a good distribution of ‘aires’ with services, in England it’s more difficult but not impossible. Scotland is a lot easier and if you follow the advice I was given, 25 years ago, when first trying it ‘If you see a German camper follow it, they appear to have a network of where the best wild camp areas are. Though remember the most Basic of rules.
    1.No dumping whatsoever, that includes waste water, toilet waste as well as rubbish and meal leftovers. Leave the area as it was when you arrived.

  12. Nannette says:


  13. John Barton says:

    We love The peace and quiet, where one has The freedom To escape life as it is in Britain these days. To wake in the morning and hear nature and undisturbed as it would be a campsite. And very often with a view from one’s bed that you would never get in a five star hotel.

  14. K.Jones says:

    Love wild camping. Great for moving about without the hassle of booking sites plus you can find places to stop that you couldn’t otherwise because there are no sites there.

  15. Keith Wood says:

    Good layout!

  16. Jhall says:

    No comment

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