You like to make your caravan and motorhome wheels personal!

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  1. Andy Culley says:

    I am rather saddened by those who criticise cherished plates and I do wonder if the self same people would tolerate someone criticising THEIR choice of clothes/hairstyle/household colour scheme etc?

    Yes I do have a cherished plate, ¥$€ 1345

    The letters mean nothing but the numbers are my old “collar” number from my days of being a police officer, the plate means something to me and has now been on 7 different cars, AND I had another, with the same numbers, on my motorhome SO “Yah Boo Sucks!” to those who don’t like them, I DO.

    Andy Culley

  2. Gordon Beeson says:

    I’ve owned the reg plate 50ROD since 1963 (when I was 19 years old) and paid £5 for it. It’s been on many of my cars and motorhomes since then. Part of it is vanity, but I just think it looks nice on the vehicle At one time, a few years back I had H15OME (His Home) on my Auto Trail and rather foolishly sold the plate with the motorhome.

  3. Les Wilson says:

    My daughter bought me LE51 ART before it was actually released back in the year 2000 because my first name is Les and I love to paint, both as a hobby and a semi’ professional portrait painter. In that year she paid about £200 for it directly from DVLA. Recently I was offered in excess of £1000 for it. Which shows that it can be a sound investment as well as a lot of fun. If I had invested that £200 back then I doubt that it would have earned more than £1000 by now, and I have had many years of fun from displaying it on my past four cars and three caravans.

  4. Arthur Branthwaite says:

    I bought one of the last Land Rover Defenders and bought a. Plate LRO2 ART
    Land Rover Owner Too, Art (hur)

    Just a bit of fun , that’s all

  5. Eric Morgan says:

    There’s some very negative and critical comments about personal plates. I think it’s a personal preference and should be left to the individuals, whatever their reason for having them.
    I’ll wager that these people who criticise private plates, but don’t own one, still personalise their motor-home/vehicle with their own favourite colour scheme, having furry dice, silly bumper stickers or tinker about with the engine because ‘they know best’. So, what’s the difference ? There are some things I can’t abide to see when I’m on a site, but i’d never dream of criticising the owner.
    To each, his own. Or, for all European travellers: vive la difference.

  6. George Wade says:

    Personalised numbers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s just a bit of fun. My number (W28GEO) was a gift from my wife. I now have it on my fourth car. Nobody is trying to force anyone to have a personal number if they don’t like them, so each to his own.

  7. phil says:

    people with these private plates must have very boring lives wanting to be noticed with there private plates it just says look at me pathetic

  8. Adrian Timms says:

    I am in full agreement with Eric Morgan, we have a private plate for the same reason it removes all the look at us in our new car/camper/motorhome,
    As for phils remarks unless you can afford RR1 private plates are just family fun

  9. Roy McCaslin says:

    Regarding number plates Mine is PRM1F

    or Pride of Roy McCaslin 1 FOOL

  10. james reid says:

    it is like everything else it is personel taste I have my owm number plate t23 jdr t is nothing but 23 is my birthday and my name is james david reid

  11. Alan Smith says:

    Vanity plate says it all.

  12. Keith says:

    When I retired 10 years ago I purchased HA5 3DOM which loosely makes has freedom. Appropriate I thought.

  13. Eric Morgan says:

    Yes, I have personal number plate. For exactly the opposite reason most people have a personalised number.
    I’m not looked down on by people who have “the latest/this years/only six month old model”. My number, a combination of three letters and three numbers, makes my car in effect “ageless”.

  14. Chris james says:

    my name is chris james and i have
    C j14mes on our tow car.

  15. phil says:

    personal number plates say one thing about the people wanting to be important ,ill let you decide the next few words

  16. Ian Styles says:

    My wife and I have JS65TES our initials (J my middle name) on our Motorhome called Montie. Article is easy reading and just a bit of fun the same as having a personalised number plate.

  17. Graham Round says:

    Complete waste of time

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