Poll reveals tyre safety conscious caravanners and motorhomers

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  1. A Forrester says:

    Hi every October I remove the wheels and put the van on wooden blocks, it not only save’s the tyre’s but also gives the suspension a rest for six months that is until March, when if the weather looks good the wheels go back on.

  2. G Sneath says:

    If you are driving in Germany ,Tyres weather on car or caravan have to be less than five years old by law.

  3. p.jones says:

    i am putting 4 tyre guards on my wheels to protect from bad weather elements not done it before

    hope it should work.

  4. Stephen Carter says:

    I seem to recall that whatever the state of the tyres on a Motorhome that they need to be renewed after a certain age. Five (5) years seems to stick in my mind but I cannot be sure. What is the recommended age when Motorhome tyres should be changed for new even if they look OK or does it depend also on mileage?

  5. david glendinning says:

    check my tyres regularly.after driving 200hundred miles no warning major blow out.caused by bolt in tyre.**it happens

  6. Chris. Dodson says:

    If not using motorhome over winter what do you do to protect tyres. I’m new to motorhomes ( first Timers )

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