Poll: Would you let someone else use your motorhome?

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  1. M Ranton says:

    Most definitely not! It would feel like giving away a family member.

  2. Gary Cunningham says:

    Tricky one this. I would have to say it depends on the individual. Your motor home is an extension to your house. My wife and I are quite particular about our personal space and there would only be a limited number of people we know would treat it with the same care as us and then I as a professional driver would be mindful of whether they would drive it ok. I’ve seen people in hire vans….. scary, very scary. I wouldn’t want my motor home driven similarly, there’s a world of difference between the family hatchback and a 20 something foot home on wheels.

  3. Barry Carter says:

    I am undecided at the moment, our motorhome is over 3500kg so those in my family who would like to borrow it don’t have a driving licence with the required C1 category. If they had they would also have to demonstrate to me that they could drive it safely, whilst they have been camping with us a number of times so know the ropes of camping and also help to clean and maintain it inside and out and know how precious it to us, would I trust them with it out of my site, I don’t know. Perhaps when I have scratched and dinted it I might change my mind.

  4. v steynor says:

    They always damage it

  5. April says:

    No definitely not. Nobody looks after you camper like you do. It also takes a long time to build up all the camping knowhow and tricks of driving a much larger vehicle. It’s so easy to make a mistake, the van is then damaged and it will never be repaired back as good as new, you can guarantee that.

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