Poll: Would you let someone else use your caravan?

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  1. j burrell says:

    No way would I let anyone use my van. People do not respect other people’s property at all. It cost me a lot of money ,I knew someone who lent a friend their motorhome for a week and they filled the onboard water tank with diesel. It cost over £2500 to have all the water system and heaters replaced !!!!

  2. Slogger says:

    No way would I loan my caravan to someone. Especially my son who has terrible smelly feet. haha.

    Neither would I let anyone else sleep in my bed at home, some may think this is selfish I just think that I have worked hard and saved a lot of money for this and I can only blame myself if it gets damaged.

  3. i once lent my caravan to a friend as he could not afford a holiday for his family. never again. he returned the keys saying a good time was had with no problems.when i checked the van later i found there had been a chip pan fire causing damage and a few items for outside use were missing.needless to say we are no longer friends.

  4. David R says:

    No way would I let anyone have my pride and joy. Only I look after it as it deserves and no one else can use it.

  5. Norman says:

    Absolutely no way would I loan my pride and joy out, it cost me to much money and if it’s goin to get damaged then I or my good lady will be the one to do that no one else. Some people nowadays have no respect for other people’s property especially when they have not paid for it.


  6. Jean Dearing says:

    If my daughter wanted to use it I would be ok with it. Her and her husband don’t smoke and the grandchildren are well behaved. My son however is a different story and would only let him stay in it with us. I wouldn’t let strangers use it at all.

  7. Bazzer says:

    No our caravan is personal to us. We spend a lot of time money and effort to look after it so I would not lend or hire it to any one else.

  8. Clare says:

    My caravan is two years’ old and bought from new. It is my second home and is very well looked after. There is also a specific health issue as I am allergic to dogs and cats and would never allow anyone to use my caravan for this reason alone. Part of the reason for its purchase is that too many hotels are pet friendly. Believe me it is not funny for those of us with allergies.

  9. Phillip jamieson says:

    No I would not my caravan is very personal to me and my good lady we don’t smoke take our dog in the uk
    Look after it could not relax if some body else had it

    Phil jamieson

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