Calling all caravan and motorhome owners! What’s the most important pre-journey check?

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  1. ian says:

    when I first started towing the caravan I made up a check list on the pc listing the things to check before every outing then things to take when away for the weekend ,the week or fortnight all on one page and clearly marked this meant I wasn’t taking things with me I wouldn’t need / use thus keeping weight of the van to a minimum every time

  2. Colin Exley says:

    I have not chosen Insurance, as this is an essential that needs no words. Tyer’s need checking on car and Caravan as these are the first line of safety followed by Brakes and Lights. Plus Tow Hitch comes high on the list.
    My Caravan bought last year is Hymer Nova 530db a Heavy Van towed it last year with a Volvo 940 2.3 Petrol. but not satisfied with it, Bought a Hyundi Santa Fe 2.2 Premium Auto CDRDi hopping this will do a better job pulling a heavy Van

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for getting in touch Colin – you’ll have to keep us posted on how well the Hyundi performs.
      Caravan Guard

  3. Tim Nash says:

    I have voted nosewieght, as in my opinion the next stage should be coupling to the tow vehicle, at which time, one should be into a set routine of safely attaching tow ball and breakaway cable,

  4. David McElhoney says:

    As a newbie with a motorhome I find it disconcerting when there’s a lot of ‘different’ noise whilst driving, hence my vote for ensuring all internal cupboards are secure, and more importantly everything inside is secure as well. The other ‘first parade’ items are the norm for a driver of 30+ years.

  5. Mr G Edwards says:

    While checking all the tyres, fluid level, fuel etc is extremely important and must never be taken for granted, I use my motorhome far too often to have to check these each time I use it (which is weekly by the way) I usually look at the oil at some fill ups, but not that regularly as the engine is oil tight and doesn’t use any throughout use. I’ve fitted tyre monitors so they let me know if they require air and I pump up accordingly (which I’ve never had to do for the past 2 years as they’re air tight, which is a good thing). I prefer to do my checks such as security of those items inside the motorhome, the fridge door, wardrobes etc, as these can come open during transit and spill everywhere (happened when I missed locking the fridge once).

    I also know I have a full fuel tank as I fill it at the end of every journey and fill up with water either before I leave or when I get there, depending on the trip and destination.

    Good poll, thanks.

  6. A Flesher says:

    I have voted for other because many of the checks you have listed are all essential checks before going on a journey towing a caravan. Leaving out one or two of them could prove disastrous; besides, doing all of these checks is good practise. Not doing them cold quite deservedly get you into some trouble either legally or practically.

  7. Dave says:

    Breakdown Insurance and Travel Insurance are my 2 priorities.

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