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  1. James says:

    Might be worth checking with your local VW commercial dealer, I know ours has a selection of 3/4 year old (ex-lease) vans, varying milages, some are high, some very low, and can arrange for them to have fresh plywood linings/flooring/windows put in at sensible prices. I’m sure a cabinet maker/chippy could cut the backs/sides down on IKEA or similar kitchen units to fit. The conversion companies seem to add a zero to any work like this, but if you could do it privately I’m sure its doable.

  2. Stuart Walters says:

    I am currently looking to buy a Motor-home or Camper-van. My current thinking is to buy a Camper-van so that I buy a dual purpose vehicle, The cost of these seems to be excessively high. Surely to convert an existing vehicle should be less than to create a completely new vehicle as a custom built Motor Home.

  3. James says:

    We were lucky enough to buy our motorhome in 2010 when we got offered a very good deal on a new van (only £3k more than I’d been looking at 3 year old used of same model), however prices seem to have rocketed since, I’m shocked at £40k+ for van conversions, when it does seem you could buy a new van and kit it out for not much more than half that ?? I feel the RRP’s are inflated so dealers can offer ‘special deals’ as I genuinely struggle to believe anyone would pay those sticker prices !

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