Rapido 665F: Turning up the heat

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  1. Rosalie McNee says:

    Why is this a left hand drive in UK McNee Bretagne

  2. Andrew Harcourt says:

    The folding lounge table is a thing of incredibly good design, we have (or rather, had) one in our Rapido 600. It is a brilliant piece of engineering, enabling you to walk past from lounge to cab easily. We have now traded the 600 for a 640 because of the bed, and unfortunately the 640 has a non-hinged table which although it slides and swivels ‘everywhere’, is not as good as the hinged version. And I am fascinated by the way that big, long motorhomes like this are about the same price as the small ones – similarly I can’t work out why a 6m panel van is the same price as this 7.39 coachbuilt. It’s not the strong pound to Euro rate because the European panel vans are just as expensive. You are very likely to get a hefty batch of the ‘optional extras’ thrown in free if you buy at one of the motorhome shows.

  3. Andrew Harcourt says:

    “No window is a bit of a disappointment,”.
    Exactly why is that? Please tell me when you want to look out of a washroom window or want other people looking in, when you are in there using it. I get annoyed with reviewers saying things like this. ALL motorhome washrooms have roof lights and electric lighting. Why would you want a window? They cost money which is far far better spent on a cupboard. We have a different Rapido, and it has this wash room, it is fantastic. It has effectively two wardrobes, and is plenty big enough to use to get dressed in. The thing wrong with the washroom is the indefensible positioning of the light switch on the ceiling above the toilet. However that is easy to overcome. The lights wiring runs down the wall just next to the door. All you do is intercept the wiring, insert a switch and then you have a light switch where you would expect a light switch to be. Apart from the convenience to one and all of a light switch on the wall at elbow height, how can a child find the light switch at night it it is up on the ceiling? Even if they could find it, they can’t reach it.
    “Key Options: Gas inverter”. Now that is a new invention, I haven’t heard of that one. You don’t explain what a gas inverter is, or how it works. Does it convert gas to electricity?
    They put a kitchen roll holder in the galley area. Nice. But where do they put it? Directly over the gas hob. Luckily it comes with a smoke alarm, so that’s OK then. Or you can get your screwdriver out, and relocate the holder through 90 degrees so it is over the sink.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for your comments Andrew – we’ll take them on board.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew, apologies for the delayed response. An inverter is a system that allows the habitation heating system to be used when the vehicle is on the move. Hope this explains things better.

  4. Jac says:

    So many of the latest vans have these fixed tables in the lounge area. I don’t like them , hate feeling ‘hemmed’ in.

  5. Lynn says:

    No , do not like the lay out at all , having to make a bed not my cup of tea . We have 2006 Bessacar 435 which has a static bed , full size cooker and a microwave. We are selling it is unfortunately we do not use it much due to work. Only done 12,000.00 miles .

  6. Joyce Morris says:

    Sounds good I particularly like the idea of spacious washroom and oven as we do not use microwave when touring the lack of one is not a problem.

  7. keith mandell says:

    Hi I prefer not to have to make up a bed on a night and I like a proper cooker.

  8. Bob Horn says:

    To long for our Devon lanes, but lovely over seas.

  9. TonyG says:

    Looked at a UK spec version of this van at Brownhills. It’s a matter of individual preference but my wife did not like the continental lounge. The fixed table, even though it folds in half, still imposes a constraint on the lounge floorspace. Only one 230 volt socket is mean, especially when UK sites throw in electricity for free, and the absence of a microwave is a pain for us. We never use an oven but always use the microwave, but others may be different. Quality looked OK, though you never know until after buying it.

  10. Ronald rafferty says:

    It looks like somebody has used there loaf here my love looks very comfortable and well set out brilliant

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