Reversing cameras get your backing! Community Poll results revealed

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  1. Phil Dipple says:

    I would not drive a large vehicle like a motorhome without a rear view camera, I also use mine on all the time to keep an eye on my scooter on a rack on the back of my Hobby.

  2. Steve Bkandford says:

    It does as you rightly say depend on the camera…you need one with a wide field of vision for sure, or as an option, 2 cameras…the degree of view angle is clear when you buy so no need to get one that’s not good enough for the job (not so of course if it was a standard fitting on the caravan)..ours is superb and shows way beyond the areas necessary to pop the van into the tightest of spaces…It is as you say tho, down to havibg a good camera…

  3. Roland Jenner says:

    I have a reversing camera as originally fitted on my Autoquest 140 but find my wife to be more reliable. The camera only works in reverse gear and has such a narrow field of vision and poor perspective that it’s never used now. Perhaps there’s good ones but how do you know without spending? So I am not a fan.

  4. Steve Bkandford says:

    Yes im aware a mover is for use when the caravan isn’t attached to the towcar..LOL…My point was if you have a camera and are a competent driver it shouldn’t be a problem to reverse the caravan as long ar you have the rearward vision….A mover allows you to do this with the caravan unhooked of course, and with no camera I can appreciate it is a good idea but at a lot higher cost, so I was saying for me as im confident with reversing anyway the added facility of a camera and its extra vision makes it for me the best option and saves a good deal of cash into the bargain….No doubt there will be some that may think differently and im sure a mover is a good idea but they aren’t cheap and also weigh heavily….Maybe I should add ive also had many years experience on Heavy vehicle recovery so the reversing issue for me is a piece of cake when it comes to manouvering a caravan with a camera installed, a luxury Wrecker Trucks didn’t have…..Happy Caravanning…

  5. thomas hill says:

    reversing camra

  6. thomas hill says:

    I have to cameras one for reversing and one for looking at my off side when I want to overtake I could not do without them both as I have a left hand drive motorhome in England its a must ive owned motorhomes for 30 plus years and find in to days traffic its a must.

  7. John Gilderoy says:

    Reversing cameras … legality. Rear view mirrors are a legal requirement, but if they cannot, for various reasons in a motorhome or caravan, provide a rear view then surely a camera is the only alternative. Anyone who thinks a mover on a caravan is an alternative is missing the point altogether! Movers are used when the van is no longer attached to the tow-car.

  8. Steve Blandford says:

    Re: Reversing Cameras..OK Whilst not a legal requirement surely anything to make our reversing easier and indeed safer can only be a good thing..As for being legal?? Our new Nissan Juke has an onboard colour reversing camera, useful for my wife who as a rgd Disabled has difficulty turning to look over her shoulder…were it illegal to have such equipment im sure a company as large as Nissan would NOT fit such a device, particularly as the car is built in the UK..I find the cars camera a superb tool for using to aligne myself with the caravans towball before hitching up..Ive reversed caravans safely without incident for over 40 yrs but anything that makes my vision even better can only be good….As for a Motor-mover…yes no doubt very good but an additional reversing camera kit for your caravan can be purchased for under £100.(often to be found on E-Bay)..a heck of a lot cheaper than a Motor-mover…There will be arguments for and against no doubt but for my money the small outlay for the added piece of mind plus the advantage of better rearward vision wins hands down…

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