Sterling Elite Explorer Caravan Reviewed

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  1. James Collins says:

    I have a 2014 sterling elite caravan and it never came with the handbook but every time I turn on the heating system it says gas out

  2. Dan says:

    I have a 2011 swift explorer one of my lichen bulbs ha blown and I don’t know how to change it can any one help

  3. David says:

    Had a new Sterling Elite explorer 12 2011. Comments I have read not made by owner’s the bed will slide out for night use mattress fits in giving full size bed and just enough room to pass by but by day the infill just lift it up slide the bed in leave the in fill on top of the bed and place the pillows against it

  4. Ash Dhir says:

    Hi Ian,

    We allow for the fitment of an air conditioning unit by removing the skylight above the kitchen area.

    There is a complete frame around this 400×400 aperture for securing the unit, and generally, installers will take a 230V power supply from the microwave socket, located in the upper locker of the sink unit.

    We did not (and still do not) offer such a unit as an option, but I am aware of a number of customers fitting Truma and Dometic Blizzard units to our caravan without issue. Generally, the weight of these units are around 23Kg, which causes no issue with the roof and


    Swift Group

  5. IanAlan says:

    I am just about to buy a Sterling Elite Explorer 2axel caravan year 2011
    This van seems to tick all the boxes but as I will be using it in the South of France where I live, It really needs to have air conditioning. Swift say it can be added but didn’t give any information about how a where I could order the unit etc.
    Can anyone help ?? Before I finally decide to buy!!!!!

    • Lucie @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Let me pass your query onto Swift to see if they have further info. If not, hopefully someone here on the blog can help.

      Many thanks


  6. Richardsaunders says:

    We have just bough a second hand 2011exporer love it love it love it

  7. bernard & bev Smith says:

    We have just exchanged our Compass 634 ralley with fixed bed, after 3 years of climbing over for the loo, the new Exporer is (perfic) .the plastic around the Bed?? well it’s not as UNSIGHTLY as splitting and cracking laminate . Anyway if you fit a valance around it ( now it’s hidden ) the + outway the – = Beautiul ,My wife Loooves it.

  8. jankess says:

    Hi I have just exchanged a swift 645 for an 2007 explorer anything i should look out for thanks couldnt afford new one

  9. m c greenham says:

    Just traded in 2010 sterling elite for new sterling explorer, love the new look hope to have as much pleasure with this one.

    Kind regards

    M G

  10. linda says:

    What a shame, Gutted, must have been such a dissapointment. We have just traded in our motorhome for a new sterling elite explorer which we will pick up two weeks today, we had a job finding a sterling they seem to be like hens teath, there seems to be many more conquerers about. Like yourselves we are very excited about getting our brand new caravan, and also like you we have never had a new caravan or motorhome before, so fingers crossed we do not experienced the same experiences as yourselves

  11. Gutted!!! says:

    After ordering our new Sterling Elite Expl. in september we got excited when after much wrangling delivery was arranged for end of April (some wait!!!) first time we have bought anything brand new so couldn’t wait to get going in it, however, after agreeing prices with the dealers for our new van and the price for part ex on our old van you can imagine our great frustration and dissapointment when we arrived to take delivery and drop our old van after spending 2 hrs in the dealers yard going backwards and forwards loading and unloading ready to take off on the first caravan holiday since last september when the NICE MAN came to tell us that they could not honour the agreed price for our old van and we would have to give them a further £1,7500.00 before we could take the van? not only that the new van had been backed into a tow bar and therefor was damaged, we told them no way and proceeded to unload and reload back into our old van, We are very dissapointed and gutted not to be the proud owners we thought we were going to be so to all that have got their new Sterling Elite Explorer We hope you enjoy it and pray that no one else is ever treated the way we have been, Trading standards are looking into the breach of contract and will be dealing with it from here on I look forward to reading your reviews on the new van just to see what we are missing
    Happy Holidays All xx

  12. Patrick Garner says:

    I purchased a brand new Sterling Elite Explorer 2011 having previously owned a Swift conqueror 630 (2008) which we loved & kept for 2 years.

    The new Sterling is BRILLIANT! It is all about personal choice but we love the light pine wood colour as is creates a real modern contempary feel. My wife can access the washroom at night from either side of the bed where previously complained about having to climb over me in the Conqueror 630 .

    I am 6′ 3″ tall & cope with the transverse bed without any issues. I was disappointed that there was no omnivent in the spec so had that fitted prior to collection & put the heki vent into the bathroom which really makes the caravan look like the TOP van it truly is. Impala fabric is a must as my daughter has already truly put it to the test & ………………….. it works.

    I also had the ATC fitted & towing with my VW Touareg makes the whole experience second to none.

  13. Craig Thompson says:

    Hi ‘Good Morning Iam’ and Mick Mills,
    If you did want to discuss buying this caravan with a dealer, you can find your local Sterling dealer by visiting:

  14. Gerry says:

    Some interesting comments above, but I have the Conqueror 645 and the layout is superb, in fact, it is a stunning caravan – and you can leave the bed in its night position and still get to the bathroom without climbing over the bed !!

  15. Julie Davies says:

    My hubby and I looked around this van, he is not overly tall 6ft but his feet dangled over the end of the bed, he wouldn’t even be able to sleep diagonally. Don’t like they light cheap looking interior. Picture window takes away some of the overhead storage. We are sticking with our 2006 Sterling Elite Searcher with a “proper” fixed bed.

  16. Joe Shardelow says:

    Love the concept of bed accessible from both sides, but hate the plastic “bathtub” & other plastc mouldings, Have brought the Lunar version, Sorry !!!!!!!!!!

  17. mick mills says:

    can i get this van for twenty thousand if so i will be interested many thaks mick mills

  18. PHILL EVANS says:

    A very nice van but don’t the idea of going into bedroom to get to bathroom, to pricey for us , as caravaning is getting more expensive anyway, as we would need to buy a bigger more expensive car to tow it with. plus more petrol , Think we will stick with our old faithfull ace diplomat still in good nick for a while yet .

  19. chris raeburn says:

    hi just looking at the sterling elite caravan and i must say a lot of cash for a small caravan.I own a compass rallye 640 and i love it . this layout of the van is very well set out and loads of room to manover around in side especially when u have small children on a wet day

  20. Peter Bamforth says:

    What a fantastic caravan! this would be our ideal van as we have an Olympus 534.The only thing i dislike is the exterior decals too dark and thick!

  21. good morning iam interested in this caravan says:

    i have a ranger 460/4 2007 and its still bran new ,,i like to part ex with it to get the one you have just shown me ,,the stirling will you be interested in doing a deal with me i live in kingsbridge devon ,area ,,regards mark ,,[email protected],,,,,

  22. Mick Rose says:

    Brilliant caravan but prefer Swift version as I personally dislike the light colour interior of Sterlings.

  23. Janet Knight says:

    And what do you do with the long mattress/cushion during the day ? The idea of a fixed bed to me is that it’s a “fixed bed” not to have to mess about with inserting a cushion,sorting out your sheet etc etc.
    The work top space leaves alot to be desired once you have a kettle plugged in. Very difficult to put 2 plates out for serving onto let alone 4 when having friends round.
    Again another comment re lack of lighting why oh why do caravan designers scrimp on lights ?

  24. Ken Trueman says:

    “The retracting transverse bed concept is utterly brilliant. In day mode the bed is about 15cm shorter than at night.”
    Does this mean that, as in the new Baileys, the person furthest away from the loo has to jump over to have a pee?
    Sale LOST.
    Ken Trueman

  25. John Riggott says:

    Caravans are getting ever more pricey. Who can afford such prices? Owning one will surely lead to more debt.

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