The results are in: You guys think caravan MOTs are a good idea!

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  1. angus adams says:

    if my van gets a annual service that must count as a mot.

  2. Tony Bryant says:

    Well well well there’s a surprise so the European commission has put forward proposals to have caravans take an MOT, yet another way to fleece the motorist, the vast majority of c/vans holiday in this country, bringing revenue to what ever area they go to, so we spend our money on fuel car/repairs and such, caravan servicing plus the running of our vans also the accessories, need I say more, we do not need a European anything or the UK Legislation poking their nose in, leave us caravanners alone, if this goes ahead the MOT stations will make a fortune from us,go and steal from some other large outlet, for a lot of family’s this is the only way they can holiday and give their children a bit of fun and see this lovely country we live in, LEAVE US ALONE WE DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT NEED TO HAVE MOT’S ON OUR C/VANS, it would be just another act of piracy against the motorist.

  3. John Robbins says:

    M.O.T. for caravans ???. Are you crackers?. Whats the point of £150 to £200 annual servicing if youll have to pay for M.O.T.s as well ?, When your van is serviced at a qualified place and your van is checked structually and chassis gas water and lecky are tested, then your service book stamped (this should be a legal requirement), then surely thats more than enough. Another money making bosh up methinks. all the best, John.

  4. cheryl ward says:

    A caravan mot? so how exactly would that differentiate from a service? Most people have their van serviced for insurance purposes, how exactly would an MOT work?

    I bet no one knows just another pile of jazz from a bunch of suits that are not likley to set foot inside a caravan.

    Life never changes, just lets figure out how to squeeze more money out the people who holiday in the uk and boost our tourism, and look after our economy. What a lot of TOSH

  5. Geoff Long says:

    I think caravan MOT,s is a great idea; it is the people that merely kick their tyres wash the sides of their vans ( not cleaning the roofs) that say its a bad idea!! The ones that have their vans serviced every year well done to you,but surely servicing companies can include MOT as part ofthe service.I,m damn sure I would rather pay to know my £16000+ van is absolutely safe to tow ! more importantly the police should do their job better to stop the idiots that hammer past us at speeds of 70mph+ caravan wobbling all over the place.

  6. ray gibbens says:

    I think a more sensible way would be to check a caravan after it has caused an accident and then prosecute the owner if it was down to his negligence. But I suppose we will all end up paying out like we always do.

  7. david carr says:

    i also do not think a mot on vans is required , it just needs to be serviced yearly , it can them be checked at no extra cost , the services cost enough as it is so to put extra on for mot is bit of a rip off . a service covers , brakes , elec , gas , etc what else could there be to check ??

  8. peter blanksby says:

    lake disrict

  9. C. Redding says:

    I do not agree with caravans having to have an M.O.T. How many caravan accidents have been caused by the caravan not being road worthy, not many if any I bet. The majority of us have a service every year, and they do very little milage. This is just another way of screwing yet more money from us,and it will go up and up. ( Caravan for sale coming up)

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