Tips for caravanning and motorhoming with pets

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  1. Tim says:

    Cat or dog, consider fitting him/her/them with a GPS tracker if you have any concerns about them going walkabout – especially abroad.
    My 2 border collies travel all over the country with us; are well trained sociable dogs with excellent recall but I still use a tracker.
    Best (in my opinion) is Pawfit 3 at a cost of about £55 + around £100 (per animal) for a 2-year subscription. Great! – other brands available. Nearly 50 years ago we spent 6 months travelling all over the country – 25K miles – with 2 cats & a 12 month old baby. Cats jumped out when we pitched up, enjoyed the stay & were back ready to move on. Never had any problems!!

  2. Joy Shepherd says:

    What chance have we got to take our dogs abroad – can’t take their usual wet food or any meat products – vets bills – of course our dogs come on holiday with us and are seen by our vets regularly. Our dog meals are sealed luckily they also have dried food too but let’s hope if we ever manage to travel to Spain or Portugal again they stock our girls wet food

  3. Pat Price says:

    Surely some sort of negotiation needs to be done so that we can take our pet’s usual food with us on holiday! Also the ridiculous requirement for a health certificate needs to be addressed. British pets are among the healthiest in Europe and yet we are required to get a vet to certify this. Crazy!

  4. Les Robinson says:

    UK Pet Passports are no longer valid for travel to Europe. You’ll need to obtain an Animal Health Certificate from your vet for each animal within 10 days of travel. Our vet charged £175 for an AHC for our labrador! It’s only valid for one trip but is valid for up to four months for the return trip. Hope this helps.

  5. W King says:

    We have 2 very small dogs, and to keep them safe on site we bought a dog playpen. It folds very flat, opens and folds in minutes, and has a zipped in top and base, and 2 zipped sides you can open for access. They dont have to be tethered in this, and can play with toys and have a non spill water bowl in it.
    Also, I take my pop up laundry basket, it has no holes in it, and makes an excellent paddle pool for them in this hot weather, but sometimes I cheat them and use for my feet, ahhh, bliss!

  6. Mrs Linda Jackson says:

    Great article. As a regular caravaner with my collies, when using a windbreak garden don’t forget that they will escape under caravan so put a full skirt on and secure with tent pegs.

  7. Laurie Cunningham says:

    We recently stayed on a Club site as usual with our dog and to our dismay discovered a cat in our awning. The same cat was found the next day under the wardens caravan and in a field. When the owners who were caravanners were asked by the wardens to tether their cat they responded that they could not!

  8. Jennifer Graham says:

    Be careful taking a cat. I took mine for the first time, she was fine first couple of hours in caravan and sat on my knee when I fastened her harness and lead, then in an instant she jumped off and pulled the lead out of my grasp. She disappeared for ten days, fortunately we are on a seasonal pitch so could search regularly. Usually my cat never wanders, not even out of my garden. As she escaped still wearing her harness and lead I feared the worst that she was caught somewhere. Amazingly she was still wearing them when she was found by a lady from a small cat rescue group who used remote cameras and traps to find her. Needless to say I won’t risk taking her again, it’s not worth the stress to both me and my cat who was quite distressed for a few days after being found.

    • Sorry to hear about that Jennifer. As we say in the article, you know your pet better than anyone, and will be able to decide if they will be able to cope with travelling and a different environment.

  9. Jane Pearce says:

    Excellent article….very helpful for people unused to holidaying with their pet.

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