Top 10 caravanning and motorhoming pet hates

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  1. Eddy Queen says:

    Pet hates. Just signed up with Caravan guard, great little on-line magazine. Here’s one I’ve never seen in print before, our village is about to have 1,000 new homes imposed on it. I thought “if you cant beat them join them” so I offered to buy a new home providing that there was space for my under 6m motor home as this was my primary vehicle. The sales lady got all excited and we chose a plot to be told subsequently that parking motor homes on the drive was not permitted on the new development. I then investigated further and couldn’t find a new development in the area that would allow motor home parking. Is this the general rule, has it always been the case and councils have turned a blind eye? This is blatant discrimination against motorhomers. If they did that in France the tractors would be out in force blocking access to the building sites. My present home is on a 1970’s development and I park on my drive behind locked gates.

  2. JNS says:

    Paul Clarke. I’m a dog lover but have to say your comments only address fouling. There are many other issues such as barking, yelping, dogs not tethered or on a lead or ‘unfriendly’ dogs and then there are those who have an allergy or phobia to dogs.

  3. JNS says:

    Paul, is there such a thing as a ‘no pets welcome’ site?

  4. Jackie says:

    My pet hate are campers shuffling along to the toilet/shower block dressed in their pj’s and dressing gowns. I don’t want to see this. It’s not pretty. Takes 20secs to pull on a pair of jeans.

  5. mark adrian ross lambert says:

    It is such a shame that the English so like to focus on negativity and I’m disappointed that caravan guard encouraged a deluge of negativity. Life is mostly joyous if you choose not to sweat the small stuff but if you want to let it bother you then it’s not hard to find, whether you are shopping, working, driving, camping or just walking on the beach.
    If I don’t like the service in a shop then I use another shop and if I don’t like a campsite or my neighbouring campers then I use my “touring rights” and go elsewhere. We Brits have a lot of good points but only the Swiss surpass us with such pettiness.
    “Nothing is right or wrong, thinking only makes it so”. Now are you going to go and enjoy the beautiful Autumn colours or will you choose to complain about the wind, the rain and the nights drawing in?

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Mark
      One of our company values is Positive People, so the poll was a little tongue in cheek. Fortunately the good parts of caravanning and motorhoming far outweigh the bad. Our glass is definitely half full.

  6. Paul Clarke says:

    Just a response to the non dog loving sector out there. As long as the owner picks up any dog poo where exactly is the problem? The accusation is that residue is left behind. I was on a site in Cornwall last week and many sites before and had rabbit droppings all over the place. On other sites ducks had left their calling card on the ground and on my car. Who picks up after them, no one or should they be banned from sites – who’s going to try to explain that to them? Get a life folks, you’re a long time dead and no one knows when it’s their turn.

  7. Rob Hayes says:

    Listening sorry reading some of the moans and groans, let people get on with there Caravaning ways, dog droppings, walking across neighbouring pitches, totally they couldn’t give a monkeys, about how they behave, I like it when they start shouting at the kids, as long as they don’t hit em it’s not a prob, don’t mind them trying to kill em bet my parents would have liked to along the way but I made it to being a grumpy bloke, because they made me like it They the people who do all this are not very good at life skills, and need direction. I rest my case your honour if you have been paying attention.

  8. Clare says:

    Finding a caravan site that is not dog friendly is very difficult indeed. It is quite easy to find adult only sites but not people only sites. At the very least there should be dog free areas on caravan sites to provide choice for those who do not have dogs and do not wish to be near them. More and more in society, whether it be caravan sites or your local café, those without dogs are having to tolerate much intrusion from, and a sense of entitlement from, dog owners who (I hasten to add not all) do not always realise or appreciate that other people do not want dogs, do not like dogs and some are allergic. I am afraid that animal allergies are not taken seriously enough in this country – they tend to be treated as a bit of a joke. It is not unreasonable to expect public places such as restaurants, pubs, cafes etc to be free of dogs. There are serious hygiene considerations.
    There is also a growing trend for hotels, including luxury ones, to be dog friendly particularly in popular holiday areas. Yes, Premier Inn are dog free but not many people use those for a holiday! This dog friendly trend was one of the deciding factors in the purchase of our caravan – that way we know it is clean and up to standard. The worst example of selfishness I have seen is witnessing a female take her dog into the toilet with her. Apart from this being somewhat bizarre behaviour it shows a lack of understanding of hygiene, utter disrespect for those who use that loo after her and those who have to clean it. I have seen this more than once.

  9. Paul says:

    Services, not providing enough space for a car towing a caravan. Usually full up with lorrys, then add children (and sometimes the wife) in the mix needing the loo, can cause unnecessary stress and makes planning ahead difficult. Must say Gloucestershire services and farm shop is the best services by far!

  10. Paul says:

    This is also one of my pet hates, showers with nowhere to hang things or shelves to put things.

  11. Paul says:

    If you book a dog friendly site, don’t be suprised to see dogs! If you book a family friendly site, then expect to see children doing what children do best, especially during school holidays! I personally enjoy seeing children playing and running around outside having fun, rather than glued to their phones or watching tv, and being greated by a friendly four legged friend can only improve my day. For me, this is what camping is all about. If you don’t like children or dogs, than book ‘adult only’ or ‘no pets welcome’ sites or as my 10 year-old daughter suggests…. book a hotel!

  12. Stephen Booth says:

    My pet hate about caravanning is not being able to sleep properly,& its not outside noise our beds now have good quality memory foams for comfort it does help but my van has small width single bunks so 2 weeks in a Caravan is enough for me tops,this year I’ve left the beds made up & lived in the awning much better idea. I do find it hard packing up everything too & the price for Caravan pitches, Insurance,storage,servicing , keep rising which has started to make me think is it all worth it ! or would I miss the Flexibility ? of booking near the time of vacation ie picking the weather when retired .?

  13. Gary Sneath says:

    Lynne Turner gives a good campsite report for Spain and then refuses to name it “in case it gets too busy”. Well, thats a bit selfish .

  14. sally says:

    We have a dog that we take with us, we would occasionally prefer to leave her in kennels, but the exorbitant fees in the kennels make a break away even more expensive. Charges on caravan sites seem to have soared in recent years with very little in the way of extra facilities to warrant theses rising prices. It is the old story if you have a hobby then you are going to be charged as much as possible to enjoy it.

  15. Mr David Sherwood says:

    Motorway services – signs for caravan parking are now not being displayed. Miss the turn and your back on the Motorway or “looks” from the Heavy Goods Drivers who by law (time limit for driving) aren’t happy when the caravan takes a parking place. We always check on Google Earth and find which area is for caravans. No stress !

  16. Lynne Turner says:

    Don’t want to name it in case it gets too busy and we can’t get in but it shows how it can be done!!

  17. Lynne Turner says:

    Good article! One site we visit in Spain limits pets to a small area of the site, their facilities are always spotless and at least 5star hotel standard, they’re never closed for cleaning as the cleaners are on site all day. There are hedges between pitches which mostly prevents people going through your pitch, their maintenance guys keep the whole site immaculate. There’s a good supermarket on site, restaurant and bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, van wash, and best of all they give ACSI discount!

  18. Robert Cook says:

    Tried to suggest to CC that there should be some dog free zones but got a very big no with “personal choice” (of dog owners of course) to have the run of every pitch being restricted. Never mind that the rest of us don’t have a choice of wondering what lurks on the dog toilet, oops- all grass areas, and wondering if any wetness we tread in is dew or something else. Of course I realise that my problem is that I don’t know that dog urine is perfectly benign stuff and I should get over my cleanliness fetish. What all these people would say if I popped behind their outfits for a pee is another mystery. We now call it the Caravan and Mutt Club because it is run for dog owners with no regard for the rest of us. I also really don’t get why children need to be paid for but dogs, that are apparently “part of the family”, don’t.

  19. Richard cleaver says:

    When we use the showers we leave all our valuables and un necessary items in the caravan. Only take what you need, we have microfiber robes for drying ourselves. wash bag with a hook for shampoo shower gel face cloth etc which can be hung on the hook provided or over the cubicle. Wear minimal clothes, shorts t shirts less if its warm under robes.

  20. Macaulay says:

    Absolutely no mention of barbecues stinking the site out as a pet hate! I’m amazed. The last site we were on, we had to retire to the caravan on a lovely evening overpowered by the smell of paraffin, yuck!

  21. Andy says:

    I understand that our dogs can be noisy, over friendly at times. Those who let their dogs foul in areas they shouldnt are to blame not the dog, although accidents can happen on the way to the dog walk area.
    I think if caravaners hate dogs so much then they should not book a site where dogs are welcome, or for that matter children for some.

  22. Roland Birchby says:

    It amazes me that the issue of inadequate provision of clothes hooks/ soap racks/ towel rails etc. within shower cubicles does not figure in the top ten “pet hates”! Maybe I’m just unlucky,but I have been touring extensively both in the Uk and throughout Europe for the past thirteen years,and have seldom found sufficient provision for items ,particularly trays,to take such items as spectacles/ watches/ coins etc.Occasionally,one is blessed with a stool maybe,but other elements are often sadly lacking-and yes,I belong to two of the main UK Clubs,and they are often “not without sin” either!

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