Top 10 luxurious motorhome makes

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  1. Les Pridgeon says:

    Bit late for this one but i had two Swift motorhomes and three Hymers two N & B one Rapido the germans wins hands down

  2. H Ratcliffe says:

    Having bought a Swift Bolero728,from new ,over 3 years ago and having used it it all weathers,my praise of this Motorhome comes very high.
    Build quality is reassuringly good,helped by a contemporary look and feel.
    Being the owner of two high end German engineered cars,my conclusion is that Swift compares favourably,without spending all the children’s inheritance!

  3. Jim Hinchliff says:

    I totally agree I have owned many motorhomes and the British makes do not compare to the quality of the German motorhomes you get what you pay for I have had a Burstner Argos for nine faultless years and use it all year round at home and in Europe.
    Any vote by owners will always have more British votes as they are cheaper to buy there are more of them.

  4. Barry Tramaseur says:

    Totally agree with John Heppenstall and having had both a British built mid range Motorhome and a continental A class, there is no comparison. Would be interesting to see which brand the voters actually owned and has this skewed the result?

  5. John Barry says:

    It does not surprise me to find the German motorhomes on the top of the list. I have been motor homing for 15 years, first a Hymer 754 and now a Carthago Chic C liner. Both well designed, well insulated for winter touring and built to last. Yes, a little expensive for the initial outlay but they hold their price well in the secondhand market and are in much demand – hence easy to sell. We, on average, tour 3 months of the year on the continent to escape the British winter and the motor home has given us a lot of pleasure over the years and wonderful experiences all over the continent. In a German built motor home we have had no problems and feel confident to travel to far away places.

  6. John Heppenstall says:

    This is a joke to have Autosleeper along with Concord as winners as it’s like chalk and cheese Autosleeper is nowhere in the same league and realistically it might be the best British built mid range motorhome but its long way from being luxurious or even comming close to competing with the high end German manufactures.

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