2012 Tribute T-725 Motorhome Review

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  1. Chris says:

    Bought a new Tribute 720 just over two years ago. It came with numerous faults the most serious being water ingress – initially in 10 locations. It went back to Auto-Trail for repairs. After two months it was returned but the latest habitation test shows that it is still leaking. The dealer has been fantastic. Auto-Trail want the van back to repair it again (and again!). This is not a one off van. If you are going to buy get a habitation test – especially on a new one!

  2. keith says:

    thanks paul you like us all pay the price for poor quility if only manifactures gave us wat we want and not the rubbish they think they can get away with for profit expecting us to find the faults for them and remember our money i hard to earn

  3. Paul says:

    We have tribute 720, 12 months old now, to all intense and purposes the same kit.The front dining area is only suitable for 2! peopel as the front seats don’t turn completely due to the panelling and the side seats do not reach the table, which is too small for purpose. The table is also very fragile, the formica on the top of ours has 2 cracks in it already. the washroom ceiling is not tall enough for anyone over 5’10” The wall behind the bathroom sink is not waterproof. The bolier switches on ours were in very awkward/inaccesable places. I could go on about the screws used and the numerous problems we have had, but It would only bore you. The transit however is a joy to drive, the wide track rear axle, 2,2 engine (140bhp), 6 speed gearbox, cruise control, steering wheel controls etc.. the only thing missing was air con. Mileage last year varied between 19-25 mpg (diesel) driving in France. Remember this is a 3.5 ton plus coachbuild body, handles like a dream (except in strong winds!) Feel free to email for extra info/what to look out for fault wise.

  4. Little Mo says:

    Thanks for that – it makes it much clearer – but we are going to the Glasgow Caravan & Motorhome Show next weekend so hopefully there will be one there we can have a look at.

    Many thanks.

    Little Mo

  5. keith says:

    please check your spec as i think the weight 1.94m is wrong,so what else is wrong with the motor as most buyers seem to have to test from the manufacturer to there cost.

    Travel seats (inc driver): 4
    Dimensions 6.95m L, 2.27m W, 2.94m H (excluding TV aerial)
    Interior height: 1.94m
    Maximum weight: 1.94m
    Beds: Over-garage double 2.07m x 1.33m,
    front lounge transverse bed 2.08m x 1.22m, overcab bed 2.05m x 1.34m

    • Heather says:

      Hi Keith

      Many thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have amended the factfile above with the tech spec from the Tribute website.
      Caravan Guard

  6. Little Mo says:

    Would have liked to see some pictures of the storage area ie wardrobe and also shower room layout with pictures.


    • Heather says:

      Hi Little Mo
      I wasn’t able to find any pictures of the washroom or storage areas on the Tribute website, but I have added the floorplan above so you can get an idea of the layout inside the motorhome. Hope that helps.
      Caravan Guard

  7. Ethan Huey says:

    Really nice report enjoyed the detail.

  8. Grumpy3 says:

    What about the weight? and the payload?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Grumpy3
      The Tribute website just displays the maximum gross weight at 3500kg. This applies to all the motorhomes in the Tribute range. Hope that helps.
      Caravan Guard

  9. grumpy2 says:

    What about how it drove/ MPG etc

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