VIDEO: How to change a motorhome wheel

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  1. Barry Carter says:

    An excellent article and video. Have been with Caravan Guard coming up 20 years, across three Motorhomes. I’ve had the unfortunate experience with two of my Motorhomes of tyre blowouts, on both occasions the object that caused the blowout had sliced the tyre making them irreparable, and on both occasions we were on a UK motorway. The advice given in the article’s video is don’t change the tyre on a motorway, I didn’t, didn’t even contemplate it, so having made sure we were in a safe position, with hazard warning lights on and hazard triangle positioned, phoned up Caravan Guard for assistance, who informed the breakdown provider, who then contacted me within a few minutes to say they were on their way. On both occasions breakdown service arrived within an hour, changed the damaged tyre/wheel for the spare, and we were back on the road to our destination. having arrived and pitched at our destination, arranged purchase and fitting of a new tyre to replace the damaged spare. And this is one of main reasons I’ve stayed with Caravan Guard as I know their breakdown assistance works, and along with their competitive premiums of course.

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Don’t leave a puncture event on the roadside to be a the trigger for the first engagement with your spare wheel and tyre! Those underslung spares are difficult to get at, mechanisms and wheel often corroded and seized fast. Rehearse in dry favourable conditions the procedure for removal and wheel change. If you are older, forget it! Get the garage to check and remove/replace the spare wheel and tyre at each service. Ensure your breakdown cover includes for wheel change.
    You can thank me later.

  3. Richard Stokes says:

    very good for the smaller vans but what of the larger tag axles..supplied jack is way too weak..only option is to call for assistance

  4. James graham says:

    Very helpfull

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