Video: How to clean your motorhome roof

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  1. Charlie Jones says:

    I find that if you put some of the solution into a spray bottle and l spray the affected hard areas to clean,and leave for around 5 mins a lot of the dirt can be removed with a gentle hosing.

  2. Robin Del Mar says:

    I’ve said it before. Get up on the roof on all fours and a sponge with Jif.

  3. Michael Cleary says:

    Good tips,.I have a step ladder that adjusts to a straight ladder and I have wrapped sponge around the top of ladder to protect the edge of the roof. You’d be surprised how many motorhome owners can’t be bothered cleaning the roof. Go to a motorway services or bridge and watch the traffic below, you will be surprised.

  4. John says:

    I try to use an old brush handle and cleaning cloth wrapped over the end and loose, this will assist getting most dirt away, persevere doing it a few times with clean cloths.

  5. Robin Del Mar says:

    There’s no substitute for getting up on the roof and scrubbing on all fours. You get wet knees but you get the roof clean.

  6. Rob Dester says:

    I use ladder or high platform steps and a 9 foot baton across the roof to kneel on to spread my weight

  7. Andrew Harcourt says:

    I watched with bated breath to see how you clean the underside of the front over cab area. You didn’t! I still don’t know how. I do have the extending brush as shown but this isn’t tough enough. I can’t lean a ladder against the windscreen because the angle is too acute, and the ladder might break the glass. I don’t have the gantry.

    • Hi Andrew, we found the extending brush was tough enough but suppose it depends how dirty this area is. Sorry you’re still not sure how to clean this area. Have you tried using a step ladder?

  8. Terry Young says:

    Your cleaning guide is very good, but the one area you have missed and where most black lines originate, is beneath the solar panel. You can only clean so far with a cloth.
    Perhaps it would be a good idea that when the panels are installed, that they can be hinged at one end, obviously with an appropriate fail safe locking mechanism for when fixing (locking) back onto the roof by the owner after cleaning.

  9. Elaine says:

    Thanks liz. I will get some and give it a try. Best wishes.

  10. Phil Shepherd says:

    My recently purchased second hand MH has a large number of black marks on the roof (alge??) which refuse to budge by washing. They can only be removed by polish and elbow grease. I use a scaffold tower to access the roof but I am unable to reach the centre and have a 2 ft section where these marks remain. Has anybody any suggestions.

  11. Robert Smith says:

    When we are in Spain the petrol station there has a gantry that you can use so you can clean the roof easily, it would be a good idea if the supermarkets or petrol stations that had car washes here did the same and installed gantries. Can you imagine the extra trade it would generate,motor homes and Vans wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  12. Elaine says:

    My roof has lots of scratches on the roof (from trees) and isn’t smooth anymore. Can it be re-laquired? Or can I buy anything to help repel the dirt and grime?

  13. Elaine says:

    I’m not keen on climbing ladders so I approach the job from the inside. Using a small stepladder I am able to get head and shoulders through the skylights and apply soap solution then use a variety of brushes and cloths similar to those described in the article. After applying soap and giving everything a good scrub I hose down. (After closing the skylights of course)

  14. Alan Bolton says:

    Very good artical. Good advice and tips that you might not have thought about.

  15. Michael Page says:

    Very good very helpful

  16. NATHAN says:

    Hi there. Really enjoyed reading this page

  17. Stephen Cunningham says:

    Hi it’s nice to know how to clean the motorhome as it’s my first year with my motorhome.

  18. tony phillips says:

    I use wet and for get spray it on and leave very good .

  19. D King says:

    I would also mention to clean the wind out awning if fitted, especially the front end piece where the flies get stuck.

  20. Peter Ward says:

    2 platform ladders and a builders 8ft plank. Been using this method for years. OK so long as you don’t mind heights. When I purchased my M.H. Twelve years ago I could wash the top,2 sides, back and front in 1 day, now it takes me 3 days.

  21. J Wright says:

    Nice to know I have been doing it largely as suggested. I use a platform ladder to walk along. Saves some time and a bit more stable. I always clean the van before adding cover, once dry.

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