VIDEO: How to remove scratches from caravan and motorhome acrylic windows

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  1. Trevor Smith says:

    Haven’t tried it on windows but The Pink Stuff cream cleaner sold in pound land removed the scratches on my gas locker plastic door frame.

  2. Mark Trayner says:

    Dual action polishing machine with Megauirs Headlight restorer. The DA polisher does not put heat into the perspex so no fear of melting the window. Don’t use a regular polishing machine!

  3. Ken Avery says:

    Great if it would work on front lamp lenses, but in most cases the blemishes are on the inside of the lens where you cant get at it

  4. David Dwight says:

    Mer polish or Brasso . Every time works a treat, used this method for about 40 years.

  5. Robert Laurence says:

    Will this work on all plastics other than acrylics.

  6. dave gray says:

    I tried t cut for fine scratches came up good

  7. RichardsonGordon says:

    Good tip but I feel it would have been better had the sun not been shining across the working area.

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      The scratch removal was filmed indoors Gordon. It is very difficult to film on a very shiny and reflective surface.

  8. Mervyn Stannard says:

    I have also used Fibre Glass pens as used by modellers on plastic kits

  9. Will Skinner says:

    Good Video,

  10. Shane Carey says:

    Excellent video, will give it a go

  11. jack hoy says:

    looks good I will give this a try

  12. George Meddings says:

    If it works like you say then i highly rate it

  13. Christopher McKEOWN says:

    I know that this is is the preferred method of caravan repair centres, frightening at first, but it works.

  14. Ron Mallinson says:

    Very comprehensive report on how to remove scratches

  15. Ron Mallinson says:

    Very comprehensive

  16. A M Richardson says:

    brilliant would not have been brave enough to take wet and dry to my windows will give my sad windows try thanks

  17. A M Richardson says:

    Brilliant video would not have been brave enough to take wet and dry to my windows will give my sad windows a try thanks

  18. Pete Cunningham says:

    Would this work at rejuvenating my front lamp covers?

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