VIDEO: What to expect if your caravan or motorhome is in for repair

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  1. A Forrester says:

    Hi after 10 years in aircraft building at Vickers Armstrong as a tinsmith/panelbeater and then the last 40 as a car body repairer, from jigging repairing/spraying and refitting, I found that I was well placed to repair my own reversing mistake in not checking behind said caravan, now my back panel is ABS and you cant fill and repair plastics very well,I found a specialist glue (Metacrylic) its not cheap at£12.47 as once open it go’s off very quick, But if you buy 100% Acetone and nick your grandchild’s white Leggo bricks broken down to small piece’s then place in a jar with a screw top pour in just enough Acertone to cover, put top on and shake and also stir with an old lollipop stick untill it’s a gooey mess, after gluing the bits together you get some fiber glass mat brush on the leggo mess in small stages let to dry between coats,as the mess will melt into the ABS panel, dont build up to high as you will need to over the fix with some fine stopper to fill in and blend out,use plastic primer and use the makers own spray cans, which normally are a good match, and dont forget to Tcut the surrounding area out beyond the repair so as to blend out the paint very thinly up to the soft masking,which means folding over about 10mm of the masking tape before you mask out with paper, hope this will help those who want to have ago, give me an Email if your stuck Alan

    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks for sharing your DIY caravan repair. However, we wouldn’t recommend trying to tackle repairs on newer caravans yourself as they could invalidate your bodywork warranty and they would not be approved by your caravan manufacturer. Also, more severe damage could be difficult to repair and get a seamless finish with existing paintwork – repairers use a spectrometer to match old and new paint.
      Your previous work experience helped you and sounds like you are happy with the results, but for those without such experience obviously we’d like to remind our other customers that imperfect repairs could affect the resale value of your caravan. Ultimately, our policy is here to help you get you panel damage repaired following bumps and scrapes.

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