Weinsberg Carabus 541MQ: Getting Cara-ed away

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  1. Vinny Essex says:

    I made a new table top with 5 inch wide flaps on each side When we use the table we unclip the flaps from underneath held up by a turnbuckle lift them up and slide out two underside supports for each flap. Job done . When finished do reverse and job done again Total time 1 minute at most. Saw the idea on an old pine kitchen table in an antique shop. If we sit for a coffee or snack we don’t bother but for a meal it makes the table 10 inches wider and plenty of room. It’s made from 2 plans bought from Wickes for about £8 the pair. Very little extra weight and saves room and my dinner hasn’t landed on my lap since.

  2. Andrew Harcourt says:

    Following the link to Weinsberg web site, I find that you can get a proper coach built Weinsberg for £33178 when the Euro is as it is now, 1.35 to the pound. That must surely be worth considering – going to Europe where you would probably spend most of your holidays anyway, and get a LHD one at that sort of price. The £15,000 you would save compared to a comparable UK model (of a different make) would buy you an awful lot of holidays.
    Question to Caravan Guard: does it cost me more to insure a LHD motorhome here than a RHD one of the same make and model? I have driven both, on both sides of the divide, and have no overall preference. Each has benefits and disadvantages when driven in the ‘wrong’ country.

    • Craig @ Caravan Guard says:

      Hi Andrew, unfortunately due to underwriting restrictions imposed by our insurer RSA we would only insure a motorhome that is manufactured in the UK, or a European or US model brought into the UK by a recognised UK dealership so that it is brought up to the correct UK safety specification before sale. There are other motorhome insurance providers that would insure what we term as a personal import – if you call our team, they will be able to point you right direction.

      A left hand drive motorhome would normally be more costly to insure. Claims experience has shown these to be more prone to accidents and that’s despite the assumed benefits of our customers driving a “left hooker” motorhome in mainland Europe. However, we still insure lots of customers with left hand drive motorhomes; many have countered the effect of the price loading for left hand drive through amassing a healthy array of discounts linked to a claim free driving record, motorhoming experience and security devices.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Joanne Deacon says:

    Nicer, but still no oven and only a plastic shower curtain.

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