What do you bake in yours?

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  1. Lynne Croudy says:

    We use M & S Dine in For Two offer when available – good meal with minimum fuss, minimal washing up (if you select dishes that can be cooked in their containers) plus a nice bottle of wine to wash it down!

  2. bryan tunnicliffe says:

    best of all make use of caravan and camping club’s eat local campaign and eat out!!!!

  3. Angela says:

    We only have 3 burner and a grill so use a remoska which is like an oven and a slow cooker which cooks lovely curries and casseroles

    • Liz Harrison says:

      Not heard of a remoska before Angela but sounds like it makes some delicious meals.

      • Angela says:

        Yes it makes a gorgerous roast chicken and anyone can get their yorkshire to rise in it can make cakes as well in it you get them from Lakeland also a cobb bbq which you can make bread in etc also you can lift the base up as it dosen’t get hot, cook a chicken in an hour and put the pots & veg in the moat round the chicken and they all cook in the same time

        • John Barton says:

          Sounds great if one always limit ones travels to sites that give a hook up. Just returned from Norway where the majority of nights were spent ’wilding’ or in a farmers field. What we want is a good selection of dishes to cook on a gas hob or grill!

  4. Morag Ranton says:

    My old (H reg) campervan only has two burners and a grill, though l do have a little microwave, so l tend to have one pot dishes or fry ups. I know its not the healthiest but it does taste good!

  5. Liz Wood says:

    I have a romesca cook pot, and take a micromave (but not for ready meals) we love Jacket potatoes and salads, and stews made in the cook pot.

  6. Liz King says:

    I am a keen cook and anything that I cook at home, I can cook in the caravan. With four burners, a grill, a microwave and an oven, nothing is off limits. We bought an extra shelf for the oven to make the most of it. The first meal I ever cooked in a caravan kitchen was a full roast beef meal with roasted veg, boiled vegetables, gravy, Yorkshire puddings and apple pie for dessert – the full Monty. we’d had the caravan for just one day and haven’t stopped cooking in the caravan since then!.

    • Liz Harrison says:

      Wow Liz that’s fantastic! It’s great that you make full use of your cooking facilities and that nothing is off limits.

    • andy foster says:

      We also do jacket spuds and roast meat in the oven with steamed veg in our motorhome in the colder weather(most of the time) and salads in warmer weather

  7. Nora wilby says:

    Pizza ….how could you miss this off your list!

  8. Maryann Plumbley says:

    Rack of lamb with new potatoes and asparagus, with mint jelly!

  9. Tony says:

    I like to cook a complete meal in my steamer favourite is fish veg and potatoes

  10. bryan tunnicliffe says:

    we like to cook plenty of healthy stir fries

  11. Sharron says:

    Homemade Bhuna Curry is a favourite in the caravan. Anything I can cook at home I can cook in the van but we only have a small oven with one shelf, so I tend to make stove top meals more.

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