What safety and security measures does your tourer have?

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  1. David Wathen says:

    When using motorway services we always fit a wheel clamp when leaving the car & van.

  2. Dave says:

    We don’t normally stop during the journey as we rarely exceed 5 hours travel. However we do fit the Alko hitchlock if we ever do need to leave the outfit unattended and I could also slip on a Euro Wheelock if I thought it was warranted. Personally I would rather be able to detach the ‘van quickly should anything unexpected happen like say the towcar catch fire!

  3. Harry John Redcliffe says:

    I always put corner steadies down hitch and wheel lock on when I stop at the services

  4. Bob says:

    I always use my Alko hitch lock whilst travelling, as Andy says motorway service areas are the worst for having caravans stolen from tow-cars. You normally have to park in an out of the way place and the outfit is never in sight when you are having that cuppa or using the facilities.
    It only takes five minutes to unhitch a van and re-hitch to a waiting getaway car, not a soul would raise an eyelid.
    For the sake of £80ish it gives a priceless peace of mind.

  5. Garry Edwards says:

    I use a Defender tracker by Outsmart the thief which has served me well throughout The UK, Scandinavia, and Europe.
    Have only ever set the alarm off by accident but have always had a phone call back from the call center within 30-40 secs (sometimes quicker)!!
    Would highly recommend this company as I’ve been with them since 2008

  6. Nicola fletcher says:

    We also use tyre pal on both car and motorhome. Essential bit of kit. Monitors pressure and temperature giving plenty of warning .

  7. Nicola fletcher says:

    I have a motorhome defender tracker by outsmart the thief. Fantastic system. I know that it stays where we park it 100%stop rate.

  8. Andy Culley says:

    It always amazes me that people don’t fit secure hitch locks when actuall travelling between sites/home etc. It’s at that time that a caravan is at its most vulnerable. Everything secured, no corner steadies down, no axle lock fitted. Just think how long it would take for someone with a 4×4 wearing hi viz gear to uncouple your caravan and hitch it to the back of their 4×4 and drive off? Whilst you are having a cups less than 50m away !! Number plate on a couple of bits of doubled sided tape!
    Scarey huh??


    • Liz @ Caravan Guard says:

      Thanks Andy. It’s really important to always use your wheel clamp and hitch lock when your caravan is left unattended. If not, this could invalidate an insurance claim.

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