What’s your favourite caravan or motorhome app…?

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  1. Kevin Timmis says:

    My favourite is the Camping Card (ACSI) app that supplements the ACSI books. It is available off line and is a great planning tool especially on the European mainland

  2. Martin Roberts says:

    I use Camper Contacts which is an App that lets you find campsites and stops in your area, It has got me out of many worries as to where to stop on route to my final destination both in the UK and Europe. It is a Dutch Camping and Caravan club App

  3. KC says:

    I find CamperContact a very good app for finding motorhome stops in Europe and it costs £5 a year

  4. Alan Mattinson says:

    ViewRanger. Ordinance survey maps with GPS location, get routes, plan routes UK and Europe. No phone signal required. Costs involved for the maps. For me indispensable, planning walks, rides etc home and abroad.
    I also rely on CoPilot in the van to get me all over Europe.

  5. Nigel Starnes says:

    I would like to recommend the WikiCamp UK app .
    This is a relatively recent UK version of an app that’s been running in Australia for some time .
    It lists many sites in the UK , but relies on users to add more sites not already listed
    and to rate / update all sites visited . Sites can be found by name , or via the map .
    The app also includes a user forum ; satellite finder and compass .
    The more people that use and contribute to this site , the better it will become .
    Well worth checking out in my opinion !

  6. George Mitchell says:

    I have 2 apps both for for TV The first is a transmitter locater, let’s you point your aerial at the strongest signal. The second one for setting up a satellite dish, it gives direction elevation and azimuth angles from any location.

  7. John Kelsall says:

    I use CoPilot – not the caravan one, but the ordinary one. It is half the price of the caravan version. You can set it on walk, car or Motorhome. Although I have a caravan the Motorhome setting works fine and it never takes me down unsuitable roads. I can’t see the caravan version working any differently to the Motorhome setting on my normal CoPilot.

  8. Steve Norris says:

    My favourite app regarding the caravan Antenna Aligner. It’s the first app I want to use once we have sited the caravan. I have never had a problem with tv reception by relying on it.

  9. Ray Butler says:

    I use the caravan-camping club app very good

  10. Rick Daniel says:

    The App I always find very handy is “EHU” by Richard Senior (an iPhone app). EHU stands for Electric Hook Up, and we all know that on many camp sites there is a limit to how much power is available at the power-point. Particularly abroad it can be as low as 6 Amps. This app allows you to enter details of each of your electrical appliances’ power consumption, then it reports the total amperage load they will demand. You can tell the app which appliances you intend to always use (obvious/permanent ones being the battery charger and fridge), then switch on or off the others (kettle, fan/oil heater, television, electric blanket etc) such that you can see when you reach the available power limit. This is great for avoiding the embarrassment of knocking out your power supply and (often) having to get the owner to come and re-set it.

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