Caravan tracking devices

Touring caravan tracking devices

We offer a 15% insurance tracking device discount!

Our statistics show that fitting a caravan tracking device is the most effective way of beating the caravan thieves. If your caravan is stolen, a tracking device can immediately pinpoint its location and guide police to a quick recovery, often before the thieves have chance to get inside the caravan and cause any damage.

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Caravan Guard approved tracking devices

(Underneath this table are some tips on what to look for when buying a tracking device)

If your tracking device doesn't appear on this list below but you know it is Thatcham Category S7 it is likely we will approve the device. If unsure please call us to check acceptability of any tracking device on 01422 396 761).

If you are an existing customer and we have previously approved a device not on the approved list below, your caravan insurance cover will remain in place providing your device remains operational.

Search tracking devices :  

Name Certification
Autowatch(Track & Trace 3)Thatcham S7
AX Innovation(AX Track LTE / AX Track TRU) Thatcham S7
AutoTrac (Auto-Trac) Thatcham S7
British Tracking Systems (S7 / Caravan Tracking) Thatcham S7
CanTrack(Asset / Protect)
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Thatcham S7
CanTrack(Neon / Neon Protect)
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Thatcham S7 Battery
Custodia Systems(ApelloGEO / Club Secure)Sold Secure
Global Telemetrics(Caravantracking) Thatcham S7
Hal-Locate(Hal 3000)
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Thatcham S7
Intelitrack(Intelizz) Thatcham S7 Battery
Matrix(Magtrack / Magtrack+) Thatcham S7 Battery
Meta Trak(Pulsar S7, S7)
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Thatcham S7
Outsmart the Thief(Defender) TUV Accredited
Moving Intelligence (Previously Phantom)(Guard Pro / Pro III / Sentinel)
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Thatcham S7
Moving Intelligence (Previously Phantom)(Mi01 Sentry)
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Thatcham S7 Battery
Safe Track(S7)Thatcham S7
Sargent(Swift Command Tracker / Sargent Tracking / Lunar Assist / Alaria Assist)Thatcham S7
Scorpion(ScorpionTrack HD S7, Scorpion Track S7 - ALS, Scorpion M Series Tracker S7)Thatcham S7
SmarTrack(Caravan / Caravan Protector / Maxi / Protector Pro Global / Reco) 
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Thatcham S7
SmartTrack(Wireless)  Thatcham S7 Battery
Teletrac Navman(Trackstar S7)Thatcham S7
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Thatcham S7
TRACKER(Monitor / Assist Nano / Nano) 
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Thatcham S7 Battery
TRACKER(Retrieve - battery powered) 
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Thatcham S7
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Thatcham S7
Older devices (Thatcham delisted or discontinued but still acceptable)
Automatrics(MTrack ProActive) (must be professionally installed) Previously Thatcham S7
British Tracking Systems(Caravan Tracker)Previously Thatcham 6
CobraTrak(Plus / Plus Web) Previously Thatcham 6
CobraTrak(First / First Mobile / Q / Q Attivo)Previously Thatcham 6
Hal-Locate(Hal 1000 - must be ProActive) Previously Thatcham 6
Meta Trak(6 / 6 V2)Previously Thatcham 6
Road Angel(Trac-It)Previously Thatcham 6
Scorpion(Scorpion Track)Previously Thatcham 6
SmarTrack(Alert24 Keyguard) Previously Thatcham 6
SureTrack(MT3) (must be professionally installed + Secure/Recover tariff purchased) Previously Thatcham S7
Tracker(Response / Horizon)Previously Thatcham 6
Trackstar(Trafficmaster)(TM450)Previously Thatcham 6
Tracks 360(Guardian) (must be professionally installed + Secure/Recover tariff purchased)Previously Thatcham 7
Phantom(Pro II/Pro Active)Previously Sold Secure

Unaccepted tracking devices

Tracking devices that are not accepted for caravans (for new customers) include:

  • Any self track devices
  • Any pay as you go track units
  • Any self fitted device
  • Glopos
  • iMob
  • Locator
  • Metis Trackers
  • Navman
  • Orchid
  • Phantom Target/Non Pro Active
  • Sky Tag Tracker
  • Target Tracker
  • TrackBak
  • Tracker Echo

Top tips when choosing a caravan tracking device

  • European cover

    Make sure the tracking device you choose can operate in the countries you plan to visit. There are different types of European cover offered by tracking devices. Some devices will simply be able to tell you the location of your caravan when it is stolen abroad, whereas other devices offer full European monitoring and recovery with locally accredited monitoring centres to co-ordinate police response on your behalf in European countries.

  • Proactive tracking devices

    Such devices can alert you and your tracking device company as soon as thieves disturb or move your caravan, allowing for the quickest possible recovery.

  • 24 hour monitoring centre

    Leave the monitoring and recovering to the professionals. We do not accept self monitored devices.

  • Certifications

    Tracking devices that have been certified as Thatcham Category S5, S7, CAT 6, CAT 7 or Sold Secure - click here for details about security certifications.

  • Low battery alert

    If your caravan is not used for long periods, battery power to your tracking device could soon run out, rendering your tracking device useless. Some devices will alert you if battery power runs low.

Please note: The above comparison is for information only and is correct to the best of our knowledge. We do not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies. We do not endorse or take responsibility for any product or service offered by the companies mentioned above.

If you currently have a caravan insurance policy on which you have stipulated that a tracking device is fitted, it will likely be a condition of theft cover that you do all you can to keep the tracking device operational – that’s certainly the case for Caravan Guard customers. Read our blog post on how to check your tracking device is still working.

Caravan Guard recognised tracking device certifications

S7 Category

Classed as asset location systems. This category largely combines previous Thatcham category 6 and 7 device standards into one. These devices may use GPS and or VHF location technology to locate your stolen caravan.

There is a sub category of S7 known as battery powered asset location systems – these devices don’t rely on your caravan leisure battery for power as they have their own power source. Many can also be self installed. If your device allows self installation, it’s important to follow supplier instructions to make sure the device is well hidden from thieves and fully operational. You may need a smartphone to download an app to make use of these devices. Also bear in mind the batteries inside these devices might have a lifespan between 1 and 5 years. Without battery power these devices may not be able to function. It’s your responsibility to make sure your tracking device remains powered at all times when listed on your insurance schedule.

The standard S7 and battery powered S7 asset location systems have different advantages. A standard S7 device can be proactive 24/7 enabling it to alert an owner as soon as their caravan is broken into or moved. This early alert could make a big difference to whether your stolen caravan is recovered.

Whereas a battery powered device may only wake once a day to conserve battery life – and only when awake will it relay the current position of your caravan, but once confirmed as stolen, these devices can be switched into active recovery mode to remain on and allow direction of police to its location.

Please note, we may still not accept a device that has one or more of these certifications. Please refer to the list above for specific devices we accept.

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