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Motorhome security

Up to 25% security discount

More motorhome security tips - Click here
More motorhome security tips - Click here

Your motorhome is an expensive asset and very attractive to thieves. Caravan Guard motorhome insurance rewards careful owners with special premium savings, to reflect the care you take with your motorhome.

Extra security precautions may be made a condition of cover if your motorhome is of high value or depending on where it’s stored. However, you will still benefit from a premium discount to reward this additional security.

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Physical security

At Caravan Guard we recommend having multiple layers of security on your motorhome. A visible piece of security might be enough to persuade thieves to look elsewhere for their next motorhome. Good old-fashioned motorhome steering wheel locks get you a 5% discount off your motorhome insurance premiums. Or you can get 2.5% off for devices including a pedal lock (e.g. Clutch Claw), a wheel clamp, a security chain, extra door locks, removable steering wheel or handbrake lock. Please call to get this discount applied to your quote or policy.
Note only one physical security discount can apply per policy, and minimum premiums apply.

Motorhome alarms

If your motorhome is fitted with a Thatcham Category 1 security system we give a 19% motorhome insurance discount. Category 1 systems combine an alarm and an engine immobiliser.

We also accept Thatcham Category 2 to 1 upgrade devices, which can be fitted to motorhomes already fitted with Thatcham Category 2 approved or factory fitted immobilisers to attain Category 1 status.

VanBitz Strikeback has been approved as a Thatcham Category 2 to 1 upgrade, and represents an excellent motorhome alarm system. It therefore qualifies for our 19% insurance discount. The Strikeback alarm is a compact, integrated, radio controlled system manufactured by Meta.

VanBitz state, "Where a standard car alarm can lack the ability to effectively protect a larger vehicle, the Strikeback is designed specifically for motorhomes".

The alarm monitors the motorhome's cab, bonnet, selected locker doors and the habitation area. A 'sleep' mode can be activated so the system can maintain perimeter protection whilst you sleep in your motorhome; meaning you can move about inside the vehicle without setting off the alarm.

To check if your alarm system carries Thatcham Category 1 or Category 2 to 1 approval, please visit the Thatcham website.

Motorhome tracking devices

A stolen motorhome can usually be recovered very quickly by the police if a tracking device is fitted. We have compiled a list of Caravan Guard approved tracking devices. If you have one of these fitted, you can qualify for 25% off your motorhome insurance.

Please note: The maximum electronic security device discount we offer is 25%, regardless of the number of approved devices you have fitted to your motorhome. Also, minimum premiums apply.

If you are unsure whether your motorhome security device qualifies for an insurance discount, simply contact us with details of your system to see how much you can save. Alternatively, we can provide information on the types of system you could fit.

Motorhome storage

More motorhome security advice

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