2013 Sprite Major 4: Making your mind up

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  1. Jason says:

    Our friends just upgraded from a small Eriba (no onboard hot water) to a 2012 model Sprite Major 4 (rear dinette/bed) and they love it. For them and their son it’s ideal and opened a whole new world of Caravanning for them. Caravans are not cheap and this is a great entry level van with all the mod cons needed to enjoy touring.
    Talking of which, an end bathroom is a MUST for those of us who actually use our touring caravans for … Well touring really! Not all sites are the same, some european sites have different standards of facility and we love using our own shower and sitting down in the warm with a glass of wine, especially when it’s raining. All our (hardcore) touring friends use their caravan showers. It’s not a waste of space at all.

  2. Dave Seddon says:

    Having owned this van from October 2012 I can say it has been very practicle. We are avid rally campers and depend on the 12v system and the shower. We find it a very good van in this respect although it can be a little small in some areas. Some improvement needed at the rear bed as the plastic edging that supports the table when in bed mode are week and have broken on us twice. Ok whilst it is still on 3 year internal warranty but what after. May look at fitting some wooden alternative that will be stronger. We love the option of leaving the dinette bed up as a fixed bed but putting it away when more space is needed. Have been towing it with a Seat Leon with little issue. Now upgraded to a mondeo. Tows with ease and is surprisingly stable even at maximum payload. The front locker has room for a 13k gas bottle to save the expensive 6k alternative. Although it’s a bit of a nuisance having to take it out when towing due to nose weight limits.

  3. David Bellamy says:

    Saw this caravan at the NEC this week. A brilliant idea with the dining area / double bed. I will be upgrading my van next year and certainly look very seriously at this.

  4. Keith Stanton says:

    Disappointed with Lauren’s response. A really good van as a starter, especially if, like me you don’t have the resources or a powerful enough car to buy/tow anything bigger

  5. S Spurling says:

    Why do designers waste so much space on an end bathroom? Most sites have very good facilities these days.We know a lot of caravanners and only one uses the shower in their van.

    • Jason says:

      Why waste space to sit around watching TV or on a bigger bedroom you only use at bedtime? Enjoy a walk, take in the surroundings then come back to your lovely warm caravan, have a nice hot shower and slip straight into your favourite slippers instead of having to trudge back from the shower block in the cold with damp hair.

  6. lorraine baxendale says:

    looks what it is cheap and nasty something from the 70s

    • Jason says:

      Steady now, it’s made in the same factory as our top end Sterling Elite. Nothing ‘cheap and nasty’ about it.

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