Winter tyres for motorhomes: Driving is believing

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  1. Rhys Beynon says:

    Hi again. In my previous comment I deliberately put inverted commas around “winter” M & S marked tyres. As I understand it the small mountain peak symbol is the only internationally recognised symbol for real winter tyres BUT, and this is where it gets complicated, some EU countries insist on what they call winter tyres from typically November to March. These legal requirements include M& S, M.S, MS etc etc on the sidewalls of the tyres. If you contact Luxembourg Auto Club for example they will try to “wise you up” on the different regulations in Germany, Belgium etc.. Being “next door” obviously their regulations are very important to them. Apparently France has decided not to attempt to bring in Winter Tyre regulations…. nothing is as simple as it appears!!!

  2. Brian Ellis says:

    I don’t use my motorhome in the severe winter conditions but have a spare set of wheels with proper winter tyres on for my wifes car. I fit these about December and change back about March depending on weather conditions These tyres are essential due to her job of Home Care through back roads and country lanes.
    For anyone who has never tried “proper winter tyres” believe me they work.
    We have two identical cars, although mine is the older one and only used to commute a short distance to work on main roads. On snow or ice or even bitter cold days with wet roads the difference between the two is obvious.
    Better grip cornering and braking and a greater sense of safety.
    I have tried them out on suitable quiet roads and found it reluctant to loose traction without extreme provocation. This was not boy racer play but getting a feel for the tyre and how the car reacts if or when it looses grip, for my confidence and my wifes,

  3. Neil, Caravan Guard says:

    That one did make us chuckle Richard!

    Caravan Guard

  4. Richard Leedham says:

    Thanks for the clarification. And there was I thinking: “These are not just winter tyres… these are M&S winter tyres!” 🙂

  5. Simon Tory says:

    Thanks to Neil for clarifying the article. Richard and Rhys raise the issue of mixing tyre types. Normal, Winter or Mud and Snow tyres should always be fitted to ALL wheels, not just the driving wheels. Mixing tyre types will result in dangerous vehicle instability and no reputable tyre company would do this.

  6. Neil, Caravan Guard says:

    Hi Simon,

    thanks for your feedback, I think the line about mud and snow tyres was a little confusing so I have edited that in light of your comment. I have also added a note at the end highlighting the change.

    Once again thanks for your feedback Simon, it really is much appreciated and helps us to ensure we are always providing the most accurate up-to-date advice possible.

    best regards

    Caravan Guard

  7. Simon Tory says:

    Whilst I agree with your article its content is factually incorrect and misleading. Winter Tyres are NOT the same as Mud and Snow Tyres – they are entirely different. Mud and Snow Tyres have improved tread grip and can be used all year round. Winter Tyres have similar tread but are made of a very different compound which should not be used above 9 degrees centigrade. Careful storage of tyres is required to prevent damage to them and this is not covered in your article. It may be wise to withdraw this until it has been corrected.

  8. Rhys Beynon says:

    I bought an Auto-Sleeper VW Topaz which had M & S ¨winter¨ tyres on the rear and summer tyres on the front (driving) wheels!!! Cornering was a bit weird. Coming to Europe this winter I put two new ¨winter¨ M & S tyres on the front and there has been a wonderful improvement in cornering etc..
    This isn`t quite the same as your problem I know, in fact it`s really the opposite but I thought it might be interesting. In your case the braking effect in wet/muddy/snow might be worth having all 4 ¨winter¨ tyres on your van.

  9. Richard Leedham says:

    With a Fiat front wheel drive and twin axle at the back; I’m wondering the merits of fitting winter tyres to the front only? Any thoughts?

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